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Created by Former Tech Leaders at Google & Apple, and Stanford Graduates

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The Nueva School

#1 Private School in California

Lucille Nixon

#5 Elementary School in California

El Carmelo

#6 Elementary School in California

Herbert Hoover

#15 Elementary School in California

Reviews by Parents, Kids, and Teachers

Learn how programming is used in sports, gaming, movie making, nature protection, creating NASA robots, and a lot more!


"It is now my favorite subject."

5th Grader in Palo Alto Unified

"I wish I can take more of these classes soon."

4th Grader in Sunnyvale School District

"I want to do more, even if it is the same classes. It was so much fun."

4th Grader in Fremont Unified


"The content is fantastic. My son could never have learned it elsewhere."

Engineer @ Google

"What you teach is pioneering."

Machine Learning Researcher @ Apple

"My daughter loves this class because it is so relatable."

Data Scientist @ Stanford Health


"I have seen many data science curriculum. This by far is most relevant and relatable to kids."

Tech Manager @ Digital Nest

"After using the data science slides in class, I believe every classroom should use them with their students."

Teacher @ Palo Alto Unified

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