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Fun Kids Coding Projects

Check out awesome kids coding projects and add your own!

Most popular coding projects

by Aayan
Roadtrip with a Unicorn

You can control Skele with arrow keys press space to shoot a arrow if you hit edge then frankenstain gets a point


What this project is about?

This project is about a wizard who is trying to save Halloween from Pumpkin. The wizard assigned you to shoot the pumpkins down using a laser spaceship.

Macintosh 128K


This project is about seeing your first Macintosh 128K. Read the story bellow to understand the environment around you:


"It is January 31 1984, you just finished college, and Apple just released the Macintosh 128K 7 days ago. You decided to order one. 2 days later, your Macintosh arrived! You can't wait to see your first Macintosh! This program is about seeing your Macintosh." (Not included in story ---- >) Feel free to do anything! I added keyboard animation, and a tab. More updates coming soon (or even before soon)!! System 1 also included!!

by Jess
Yoda Sprite
Walk, and think
by Tyra
Tyra's Logo 2
Tyra did this project with picsart on her iPad
Ocean Rocks
I used griffpatch tutorials and added to them.
Music Poster
I made it on Canva
Space Aliens
Whenever my ball is hitting the aliens the aliens are not like going away for some reason
Colored Cake
This project was done using Scratch
Princess Concert
A princess is having a concert with her two best friends (twin sisters). Kaitlyn and her sister created this animation using Scratch, recording singing voices and using audio files from the Scratch library.
I got an idea of this game from a classic game called 'Asteroids' made in 1979. I tried to make a version as close as possible in Scratch. I tried to use all the knowledge I gained from my Scratch classes.
by Aarika
I used the broadcast block ,forever block, wait for one second block and the next costume block.
Use the arrow keys to move the ship and press space to shoot.
This game is an arcade game. My game is like Pong but not multiplayer it is a single-player game. How it works is, you have to make sure the ball falls right on top of the green line. If not then it will fall on to the red line, which means game over for you.
by Ian Ma
Blast to the Past
This project was completed using receiving blocks and sounds on Scratch.
Ping Pong game with two balls.
Using the events and variables.
I used lot of broadcast messages and motion blocks.
by Leo
Using a if statement and a for loop, this project will create a different spiral depending on what you input by creating a bunch of squares.
Flying hippo game
Using motion blocks and events.
get the dragon
First, add the images, then style them with CSS, then in the CSS use keyframes to move the dragon in a pattern, then in JS, code the shooting and make a variable that counts how many shots, and last of all when the arrow touches(collides with the dragon) say you got it in (the variable that counted the tries) tries!
Flappy Bird Game
Use arrow keys to move up and down Don't let the logs touch Mr. Parrot
Adventures of BOT 2
I made it very easily. I added the code for gravity. Then, I Made him move by arrow keys. Next, I put the code for the portals. I put a script to transport BOT to another backdrop. I added a ground sprite. (That was for gravity too). I also made different costumes for the ground. I Made a stair one to climb on too. I made the rock appear only in that backdrop. I also made the bounce affect and sound. (NO RECORDING!) So I added important things like the potion dumping and the costume changing for bot. I also changed the ground with a hole when BOT activated stone digger mode. I added a cool falling backdrop and made him win the game.
points system with zombies
by Indigo
Shiver - Cold version of Rocks Blocks
I created levels in Scratch. You can move using the arrow keys. Avoid the obstacles.
It will give you a hint about what season it is, and you have to guess which season it's talking about.
Remember the number/Olivia Egyhazy
remember the number that the girl tells you then type that number in have fun.

A girl is turned into a ghost by a witch who is being controlled by an evil person.

cat pumpkin

its a (nice ;) ) surprise


it’s about a girl transformed into a ghost by a witch. she has to stop the witch who is being controlled by an evil person.

by Min
Cute Dogs

3 Animated dogs. I took some images and made some minor changes to create the animation effects. Feel free to use them for your own projects.

by Mehan
Scrolling backdrop forever.
8 code block 2sprites 1backdrop This was created without any type of help.
by Tyra
Tyra's Logo
Tyra did this project with picsart on her iPad
Super Mario's Adventure!
This project is a 2D world of Super Mario. This project can go aboveground, underground, and Challenge rooms (Which are navigated by pipes)! There is a challenge which is called the "Drawing Challenge" (The "Drawing Challenge" is inspired by the character making challenge in Cloud Kingdom in the game Super Mario Odyssey. The "Drawing Challenge" failed because I coded the "Drawing Challenge" wrong with Scratch's Pen extension blocks. I got inspired by making this from one of Scratch's tutorials. This is the link to the tutorial I got inspired from making this game: Hope you like this project! (I will add updates some times).
It is made with three characters and two are students and they meet each other and become friends.
Coding Fair - Friendship
Project was developed in Scratch.
What Friendship is all about
The Project is done using python as a coding platform on Trinket, displaying what friendship means to me.
What friendship means
Catty Tennis
1 for P1 to hit 2 for P2 to hit
Dino Snake Tag
Dino Snake Tag
Pong Game 2
Pong game with a twist done on Scratch.
by Jack
Pong with MUSIC
Used Scratch coding to the game and added music
Egga's Time Travling Adventure
This is an animation that is about Egga going on a time traveling adventure. Sometimes the program will ask you a question and using if and else statements the program will answer correctly.
Soccer (With Cats!)
so there are 2 teams of cats you need to control the cats it is 2 player Only. for team blue use a to go left and a togo right. For red team use the right arrow to go Right Use the left arrow to go left.
by Laasya
Baseball[in a different way]
I have made it myself, used the learning from my Scratch Unit & 2 classes
I used a few "Operators" and many "Broadcast message" blocks. This is for the sports coding fair.
by Andre
ROBLOX Chasing Bat
ROBLOX is chasing Bat and they both leave colourful trail. When the ROBLOX catches Bat, the score goes up by 1. When the score reaches 10, the GAME is OVER. For ROBLOX, use W for up, A for left, S for right, and Z for down. For Bat, use arrows to move.
Around the world- Canada
This project is about Canada provinces and its territories
Design Your Own Chinese Character
This project is specifically designed for the online coding fair, Around the World. I mainly used "when I receive" and "broadcast message" blocks.
Around the World on Scratch
Just Click the Green Flag and enjoy the tour!
JSAB-The Movie (Class Project 2)
I drew sprites and animations and used lots of broadcasting to help make this project.
True Heroes
This project was made using python
My project depicts the 4 seasons
Space thingy
It's a movie.
The bully
I made this project by using broadcast messages and the point direction block.
Get The Taco
use the arrow keys up, down, right, & left to get tacos and not hit the columns; there are 5 levels
Galaxy Pong
Use the right and left arrow keys for the 1 and A and D for the 2
Sonic Rush
This is a game where you have to move and jump to get to the end (still updating currently) .
Arctic Fox

A halloween costume for a fox.

Animated Butterfly

I created my own animated Butterfly Sprite using a free use photo from Unsplash!

by Sarah
Arctic Fox

I edited an existing Sprite to create this animation of an Arctic Fox wagging it's tail.

by Jess
Animated Emoji

Animated Emoji Smiley Face

Shark vs starfish
Got ideas from Ocean theme then made a Scratch game
Rock Paper Scissors
Import random Using "if" and "elif" Checking which party wins/loses
Program Tux
It is an interactive project
Rock Papers Scissors
This project is coded in Python to play Rock Paper Scissors game with Bot.
Past Present Future
Click the green flag and then soon a portal will appear then drag any cat in it then it will change then go in to the gray portal then go in to that then it will change again then go in to the red portal then your done!
Past, Present, Future
I used a backdrop change option to change backdrops for my project.
by Indigo
Use the arrow keys to point your golf club. Touch the ball to hit it toward the hole. Catch the coins! Watch out for the water and walls.
My Dream place
About the Taj Mahal
Scared of the Light
White: wasd to move can't touch black auto shoots Black: arrow keys to move can't touch white auto shoots
Avengers Attack
I used classes and inherited classes
Brave project 1
First I got a beetle sprite and made it say du du du du duu and the whole time a bat and knight were hiding. Next, I got the bat to show and say bwa ha ha ha haaa. Then I got the knight to show and say I will save you from the evil bat and the beetle also said oh boy.Then the knight said zzzzzaaaaappppp! After that the bat swirled around and around.

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