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Coding for Kids

Coding for Kids

Coding for kids is so much fun and a critical skill to equip students for future success! Because their developing brains are made for absorbing information and learning, children pick up new languages more easily than adults. Learning to program helps kids develop critical thinking skills and creativity.

Furthermore, coding is great to learn because it is beginning to become a critical workforce skill. Today 87% of parents believe Computer Science is at least as important as math and English according to a Gallup report. Our progressive world is always looking for students who are well-versed in technology to solve real world problems.

What is coding for kids?

Coding for kids is the process of giving a computer instructions. Humans can tell computers what to do through the language of code. It is important to learn code since it is becoming an integral part of the global economy! We can make games with code, program robots, and even train chatbots how to talk. Popular tools that use code are Alexa, self-driving cars, and chat bots. You can teach your kids to code using popular websites and resources like Scratch or by signing up for Create & Learn's online coding classes.

Why coding classes for kids work

Basic programming for kids does not need to be hard or intimidating. Kids should learn code through creation, design, and gamification of the process. The best way for kids to learn code is by actually doing the code themselves. It is vital to try, make mistakes, and then learn from those mistakes throughout the design process. Coding can be learned through classes, through one-on-one mentoring, or through utilizing independent learning.

Online coding courses are excellent because your child will have an expert at their fingertips to coach them through the rigorous process, and answer questions as they go. Coding can be intimidating so having a mentor in a fun environment is crucial to maintaining a child’s interest while building confidence in the process. Oftentimes, the teacher makes all the difference and without a strong mentor, children will feel discouraged.

Create & Learn has excellent coding options depending on the age, interest, and level of your child. Your child can start out in a basic coding class to introduce the concepts if they are new to the idea. Or, your child can be placed in classes to program games and highly complex animations. It is truly dependent on the individual child which is why Create & Learn is such a popular choice. The options are endless!

The best coding courses

Computer coding for kids should be fun. The best coding classes for kids will deliver options, levels, and engaging experiences at a reasonable price point. Another indicator of a good class is the ability to see the credentials of the teachers. Some companies require teachers to have extensive training to participate, which is the mark of a truly special program.

Create & Learn's coding for kids

Create & Learn classes are super engaging due to the nature of the curriculum. Kids are constantly provided entry points to engage, have open ended discussions with teachers and other students, and create anything they desire to make. This is a unique experience that many companies do not offer. The dynamic elements of the Create & Learn program make it one of the best.

Create and Learn's online coding classes for kids

Scratch Ninja

Ideal Scratch coding beginner series. Build games, stories, and animations
Start your Scratch Ninja adventure

Scratch Junior

A fun ScratchJr coding class for kindergarteners and 1st graders.
Start your Scratch Junior adventure

Minecraft Coding Quest

Solve puzzles, build, and create games with fun coding in Minecraft
Start your Minecraft Coding Quest adventure

Python for AI

Dive into a Real-World Top Programming Language
Start your Python for AI adventure

Coding with Roblox Studio

Create your own Roblox world and games using Roblox Studio with coding
Start your Coding with Roblox Studio adventure

Frequently asked coding courses questions

What’s the best coding for beginners?

The best coding for beginners focuses on non-intimidating entry points for children. It should not be too technical but rather organic in the approach. Interdisciplinary learning is an excellent way to engage newcomers with coding without scaring them away. Using a block-based language like Scratch can make coding more accessible for kids. Scratch Junior is great for students in K-2 grades; Scratch Ninjais a great place to begin for 2nd to 4th graders; while Accelerated Scratch is an excellent starting place for older children.

What are coding for kids online options?

There are many options for coding websites for kids. Scratch by MIT is an excellent website to start with. It is gamified and design based which provides a fun element to the steep learning curve. Here are some of the other best coding websites for kids.

What are coding games for kids?

Many sites offer coding games for kids. Scratch, Code Monkey, and Blockly are some to start with. Here are four fun coding games for kids to try. Let your child try different games and then start selecting their favorite options!

What are coding for kids tools and resources?

The best coding apps on the market are dynamic, fun, and have multi-tiered options for the various levels of coders out there. Check out Create & Learn’s suggestions for the best coding books for kids and some free online coding resources.