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Best Online Art Classes for Kids

Best Online Art Classes for Kids

Online art classes for kids are a wonderful way to build your child's creativity while they learn valuable skills. Discover fun art classes with live expert instruction that make great after school activities!

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What is digital design for kids?

Graphic design for elementary school students is not impossible; in fact, starting young is encouraged! It is important to learn digital design, because kids can create so many different projects that might not have been possible without technology. For example, it is simple to draw a picture of your dog and color it using markers and crayons, but what about designing a digital picture of your dog? You can add patterns. You can even photoshop your dog in a different setting- like at a beach in Hawaii! With digital designs, the possibilities are endless.
Why digital design classes for kids work

Because digital design is a form of visual communication, it is no surprise that the best method for learning the discipline is visual learning. Watching tutorials and taking notes, sketching out ideas, and just playing around on the computer are great ways to start getting the hang of what digital design is all about.

There is no doubt that online classes are great for learning digital design, because classes are hands-on and offer a wide variety of videos, projects, and online games. With so much packed into an online class, each session keeps kids engaged and constantly learning and having fun.

Though there are a few digital design classes online, Create & Learn classes are one of the best options to choose for your child. Students learn about what it takes to become a great designer - from designers! They learn design principles and get a better understanding of what digital design even is.

There are a bunch of graphic design classes for middle schoolers that emphasize interests for their age group. Trends in fashion, interior design, and video games are all aspects of graphic design. In Create & Learn’s live online design classes, students learn about how design essentially makes our world go round.

The best digital design courses

The best digital design courses are the ones that can be done in the comfort of your own home. The beauty of online courses is that your child does not have to worry about any inconveniences. Online courses provide the same amount of learning and structure as in-person classes, and getting familiar with technology also improves the learning of digital art for kids! The best classes explain not only the “how” but also the “why”, providing the context children need to apply their learning to opportunities going forward.

Create & Learn's digital design for kids

Create & Learn offers digital design classes for kids that touch base on so many different skills. From color theory to learning about color blindness, Create & Learn classes have a curriculum that was designed by experts from MIT, Stanford, and more. The instructors are all knowledgeable leaders who are designers themselves, meaning they understand all of the good, bad, and challenging aspects of design first hand!

Create & Learn's online art classes for kids

Scratch Junior

Scratch Junior

Grades K-2

A fun ScratchJr coding class for kindergarteners and 1st graders.

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Budding Digital Artist

Budding Digital Artist

Grades 1-4

Have fun being creative with a variety of interesting digital art projects

Scratch Ninja

Scratch Ninja

Grades 2-6

Code games and animations with the #1 beginner classes

Accelerated Scratch

Accelerated Scratch

Grades 5-9

Fast-Paced Introductory Coding Class for Grades 5-9 - Build Games, Stories, and Animations

Canva for Kids: Design, Video Creation, AI Art

Canva for Kids: Design, Video Creation, AI Art

Grades 4-8

Create beautiful graphic designs and videos with beginner-friendly Canva

Discovering Digital Design

Discovering Digital Design

Grades 5-10

Discover Art and Science in Digital Design, Create Your Own Pieces

Modern Website Design with Wix

Modern Website Design with Wix

Grades 5-12

Develop beautiful websites using Wix for middle and high schoolers

Frequently asked digital design questions

Why should kids learn graphic design?

Kids should learn graphic design for three important reasons: it is an impressive hobby; it can turn into a respected career; and of course, because it is just fun! Graphic design is something that not enough people dabble in, and for kids to start at a young age will really help them stand out and explore their creativity more. Not only is it creative, but also graphic design uses a lot of critical thinking when it comes to finding solutions for the user. Through graphic design, kids can learn how to better communicate and how to be more empathetic as well. Design is not just about how things look visually, but how people perceive the message and how we can problem solve even the most complex situations. When kids learn graphic design early, they are setting themselves up for an innovative future.

Can a kid be a graphic designer?

Of course a kid can be a graphic designer! There is no rule for when it comes to design and age. The sooner you start, the more familiar you will be with all of the tools and skills you need to be a fabulous graphic designer! Do not get discouraged with your age; if anything, use your age as motivation to start your graphic design journey sooner rather than later!

How do I teach my child graphic design?

There are many different ways to teach your child graphic design. In fact, it’s rather easy to get started. One of the first steps you can take is introducing your child to graphic design through books and videos. There are many kid-friendly books available in stores and online that talk about color, logos, and using the computer as a tool in their artistry. There are also videos on Youtube that explain different subjects relating to digital design. And of course, to make it easier on you, you can also just enroll your kid into an online course, because the teacher offers all of these resources already!

These virtually taught classes are so engaging, my son really enjoys them and is so excited to show us the coding projects he has completed on all 3 levels of Scratch Ninja. We will definitely be signing him up for more classes and thoroughly recommend Create & Learn to other parents.

Amanda E.
Create & Learn Parent

Amazing instructor. Can really keep my daughter engaged in a fun way. Thanks to Create & Learn my daughter's tech scores have skyrocketed at school.

Bhavi P.
Create & Learn Parent

Amazing virtual classes that taught my son about coding. He has taken 3 classes and he loves them all. They have some really good programs. I would definitely recommend this website and I plan to sign him up for more classes.

Create & Learn Parent
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