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Because kids love playing Roblox, this is one of our most popular classes! This free class jumps into Roblox coding for beginners, opening up a world of possibilities in a fun, safe environment. Kids get live expert guidance and personalized feedback as they get started on Roblox scripting. In a small group setting, your child will install and activate Roblox Studio, which is where students will write their Lua, the text-based scripting language used in Roblox. Then they’ll create a cool interactive experience.

With a curriculum designed by experts from Google, Stanford and MIT, our complete Roblox course series guides students through Roblox coding - from creating stories to making multi-player games and even creating their own economy. Students learn game design and essential computer science principles along the way.

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Beginner Roblox Game Coding - Free Intro

Beginner Roblox Game Coding - Free Intro

  • Grades 3-8
  • Join this fun free intro class to get a taste of what creating Roblox games is like, and start learning Roblox coding! This class is designed for students who have not had any prior experience with Roblox Studio, the official tool for building Roblox games. We help students install and activate Roblox Studio, and go through a step-by-step tutorial to build an interactive Obby game with different shapes, colors, and materials!

    Due to the popularity of this free class, there might be more than five students per intro class. Please note that the full course has a cap at five students maximum to ensure ample attention is provided to each student.

  • 60 minutes
    Single Session
  • Average 5 Students Per Class
  • Computer - Mac
    Windows PC
  • Prerequisite - Completion of Scratch Ninja 3 or equivalent advanced Scratch coding classes

    Require Windows or Mac computers (no Chromebook), and mechanical mouse is preferred.

    Roblox requires relatively powerful computers. Please install Roblox on your computer and make sure it runs properly before signing up this class. To install Roblox, visit, sign in or sign up, and then click on any of the game icons. It will automatically install and run Roblox.

Is Roblox education free?

Roblox Studio is a free, student-friendly tool your child can use to program for the game. Your student can get it set up and experiment and learn on their own anytime. They can complement their education with our live online classes including our free class, as well as Coding with Roblox Studio (Grades 4–8). With the help of an expert instructor, they’ll be able to get all their questions answered.

Is Roblox like coding?

Roblox is a game, not a coding language. So it is not really like coding. It’s more like playing a board game, not making a board game. But you can code for Roblox. You can put scripts anywhere — and Roblox will run the code in the script when the part is loaded into the game.

What are Roblox classes?

Roblox classes are a fun way to learn how to code for Roblox. They’re offered online and in-person. There are also self-paced options, and live classes. For a structured learning path including skills that build on each other, and for live expert feedback, live classes are most helpful. The schedule of a live class also keeps students on target and progressing with their education. For more personalized guidance, smaller group sessions are ideal.

Free Roblox Class Supplemental Learning

Explore some fun free resources to learn more about Roblox Coding.

Using Roblox Studio, anyone can create their own characters, build environments and landscapes, design gameplay mechanics, and even add music and sound effects. Find out how to download Roblox Studio and navigate the interface to use some of its most useful features and tools.

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Using the powerful Lua scripting language you can create and play platformers, racers, and more. Here we share a fun Roblox tutorial for beginners including how to make a game.

When you open a new game in Roblox Studio, there are unlimited options for what you can create! In this tutorial, we will show you how to add a fading platform to your game, one of the favorite challenges in any Roblox Obby.

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Free Intro to Scratch Coding

Free Intro to Scratch Coding

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Beginner Roblox Game Coding - Free Intro

Beginner Roblox Game Coding - Free Intro

Grades 3-8

Start learning Roblox game coding the simple way

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AI Explorers - Introduction (free event)

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Accelerated Scratch - Intro to Coding for Teens

Accelerated Scratch - Intro to Coding for Teens

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Free Intro to Python Coding

Free Intro to Python Coding

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