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Popular Minecraft Camps For Kids

Popular Minecraft Camps For Kids

Find out how to modify Minecraft games in amazing ways! Join award-winning live online Minecraft coding camps for students in grades 2-6 this summer, led by experts and designed by professionals from Google, Stanford, and MIT. Get started learning modding and game design in a supportive, engaging environment, from the comfort of home.

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Discover Fun Minecraft Coding Camps This Summer

Is your student excited to build and create cool games in Minecraft? These live online camps empower elementary and middle school students to collaborate, build their creativity and problem solving and improve their communication skills — all while interacting with a game they love. No matter your student's busy schedule, there's a camp that will work for you with special camps available during the summer, spring, winter and fall breaks to accelerate learning.

Minecraft Redstone Engineering

Minecraft Redstone Engineering

Grades 2-5

Build in Minecraft with Redstone, pistons, and observers, and learn engineering

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Minecraft Modding Quest

Minecraft Modding Quest

Grades 3-6

Solve puzzles, build, and create games with fun coding in Minecraft

Minecraft Code to Mod

Minecraft Code to Mod

Grades 4-8

Learn to code games, stories, and buildings in Minecraft

Learn more about kids Discover Fun Minecraft Coding Camps This Summer camps for every season: summer camps, winter camps, spring camps, and Thanksgiving camps.

Explore Fun Intro Minecraft Camps

For kids who love playing Minecraft there's no better place to begin. Try a Minecraft camp intro session to start modding today. Our expert instructor will help your child get set up and introduced to Minecraft coding, and complete a basic and fun challenge. Save a village or build your first mod!
Creative Minecraft Building - Intro to Redstone

Creative Minecraft Building - Intro to Redstone

  • Grades 2-5
  • Start creating with one of the most powerful elements in Minecraft - Redstone! Through a series of fun activities and puzzle-solving, students will be introduced to how different power sources such as Redstone blocks, torches, and switches can be used to power blocks around them in different ways. These skills will form the foundation of creating more advanced structures that can be powered up or automated.

    If your child loves Minecraft, here are some great full courses to consider

  • 55 minutes
    Single Session
  • $30$15.00

    50% Off
    2-5 students group class
  • 2-5 students group class
  • You need Minecraft to take this class. Any version of Minecraft is fine. The versions that run on Windows and Mac Computers will work a lot better than those on iPad for the purpose of this class.

Intro to Intermediate Minecraft Modding

Intro to Intermediate Minecraft Modding

  • Grades 4-8
  • In this Intemediate Minecraft Modding intro class, we introduce students to the platform for coding on Minecraft. It is easy to use and very powerful. We will complete two fun challenges in this class. They will also start building their very first mod! This is an advanced coding class for grades 4-6. In this intro class, we will not code on Minecraft itself but will use an emulator instead, because it takes a lot of time to enable coding for Minecraft. However, in Parts 1 - 3 of this course, the code will run on Minecraft software. Sign up today to start learning Minecraft coding.

  • 55 minutes
    Single Session
  • $30$15.00

    50% Off
    2-3 students group class
  • 2-3 students group class
  • Computer - Mac
    Windows PC
  • Must be very familiar with Scratch with at least 20 hours of Scratch coding experience or completed Create & Learn Scratch Ninja I and II classes. Require Windows or Mac computer. Program does not work on Chromebook. No Minecraft license needed.

Join Free Minecraft Events For Kids

Learn how to set up Minecraft Education, and complete a series of challenges with code to save the future by solving mysterious mishaps in time, or escape Dr. Breakowski’s mysterious mansion by dawn. Enroll in free live online events for kids in grades 2-9, beginners welcome!

What to expect from our online Minecraft camps

Join Create & Learn Minecraft camps for tons of fun.

  • Easy scheduling: Choose from structured weeklong camps (4 consecutive days) available in multiple time zones.
  • The #1 curriculum: Have fun learning Minecraft with lessons designed by Google & Stanford experts.
  • Earn a certificate: Celebrate with a personalized Certificate of Achievement to mark each milestone
  • Personalized attention: Enjoy a maximum of 5 students per instructor. which means more progress and more play.
  • 100% happiness guarantee: We offer flexible scheduling and a satisfaction-guarantee refund.

Benefits of learning with online Minecraft camps

Minecraft nurtures a passion for play. When kids play games together, you might have noticed they create their own rules and modify the games as they go. Perhaps you've even heard your child lament that they wish they could add or change something in their electronic games? When kids learn to code they can actually make some of those adjustments! Here are a few ways learning Minecraft modding can benefit your student:

  • Develop creativity skills quickly with flexible software and no mess
  • Learn faster by using something they’re already excited about and familiar with
  • Explore real-world issues in immersive, imaginative worlds
  • Improve your computational thinking with in-game coding
  • Build empathy and learn digital citizenship by interacting with other students in online camp
  • Pick up new skills from the comfort of your home
  • Get access to the best instructors from around the world

Why is Minecraft camp more fun than just playing the game?

While playing Minecraft is fun, when students learn how to code for it they improve their critical thinking and problem solving skills. Beginner to advanced students in our Minecraft camps learn how to solve all sorts of puzzles including how to make characters move, take actions, and react to the environment. As a result, they create their own storylines, goals, and more. Students are also able to build their creativity skills because they find out how to place and break blocks, build structures, and spawn animals. As they get more experienced, they even have the opportunity to build their game design and development skills within the Minecraft game, including battles, rock, paper, scissors, and more.

How to pick the best Minecraft camp for your student

Sometimes parents ask us where the best place to begin learning Minecraft coding is for their student. Here are a few quick tips to get you started in the right camp:

  1. Your child's grade: The first consideration should be your child’s age group. Make sure the camp you pick has their grade level listed.
  2. Prior coding experience: We encourage all students to start from Unit 1 even if you have prior coding experience or even have coded with Minecraft. Our classes are designed to be approachable for absolute beginners, but also provide plenty of fun and challenges for students with some experience.
  3. Budget: Purchasing a complete program such as the Minecraft Modding Program can help you save.
  4. Schedule: Pick a schedule that matches your child's time preferences. If they're a night owl, pick an evening class. Or you’d prefer something only once per week rather than multiple times each week, check out the Minecraft Quest.
  5. More questions: If you're not sure where to start, you can always email us at, and we'll get you set up.

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is the best-selling video game of all time. In the game players can create and break apart various kinds of blocks in three-dimensional worlds. Minecraft is a game that you can play with friends. Build together, search together, have fun together. Many players use it not as a game itself, but as a game engine in which to create their own games. Other players even create their own mods to introduce new items and behaviors in the game.

The game has two different modes: Creative Mode and Survival Mode. While in Creative Mode, if you can dream it, you can build it. Kids have access to all the Minecraft blocks, potions, weapons, and more. This is where kids can construct anything they desire with an infinite amount of resources.

You can also play to survive, in Survival Mode. Battle mobs, construct shelter, and explore the landscape—it’s all in a day’s work when you try to survive and thrive in Survival Mode. This is the most common way kids play Minecraft.

Minecraft resources

Find out how to set up your server for Minecraft, and learn about Minecraft: Education Edition. Plus explore more about Minecraft modding, skin editors, and even pixel art!

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