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Best Robotics Camps Online for Kids

Best Robotics Camps Online for Kids

Join the best robotics camps for kids and teens to learn about designing smart devices, AI, and cool robots.

Explore Robotics Camps for Kids and Teens

Robotics camps offer kids the opportunity to learn all about how smart devices work, create fascinating robots that tackle challenges in virtual worlds, and much more. Our robotics learning path was developed by Google, Stanford and MIT professionals, and each camp is taught live by an expert. In a small group setting your child will have fun making new projects that work across the digital and physical world. Camps run during the summer, winter, spring, and more for four days a week, two days a week, or once per week. Find a time and schedule that works best for you!
Minecraft Redstone Engineering

Minecraft Redstone Engineering

Grades 2-5

Build in Minecraft with RedStone, Pistons, Observers and Learn Engineering

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Grades 1-4

Explore the mysteries of outer space science with fun projects

Junior Robotics

Junior Robotics

Grades 2-4

Code your robot to move, sense, lift, and more - all in virtual worlds.

Lights & Beats with Micro:Bit

Lights & Beats with Micro:Bit

Grades 2-4

Code lights, sensors, and even radio with this powerful little device.

Robotics & Smart Devices: Arduino for Kids

Robotics & Smart Devices: Arduino for Kids

Grades 4-9

Create with circuits and Arduino - the foundation of robotics and smart devices

Robot Adventures

Robot Adventures

Grades 4-8

Design, build, and code robots - Mission accomplished!

Learn more about kids Explore Robotics Camps for Kids and Teens camps for every season: summer camps, winter camps, spring camps, Thanksgiving camps, and New Year camps.

What to expect from our online robotics camps

Join Create & Learn robotics coding camps to understand more about the technology all around us already, and what could be ahead with the latest developments in AI.

  • Easy scheduling: Choose from structured weeklong camps (4 consecutive days) available in multiple time zones.
  • The #1 curriculum: Have fun learning robotics with lessons designed by Google & Stanford experts.
  • Earn a certificate: Celebrate with a personalized Certificate of Achievement to mark each milestone
  • Personalized attention: Enjoy a maximum of 5 students per instructor. which means more progress and more play.
  • 100% happiness guarantee: We offer flexible scheduling and a satisfaction-guarantee refund.

Benefits of learning with virtual robotics camps for kids

Robotics for kids can fascinate young minds! There are also some really cool movies about robots such as Big Hero 6, WALL-E, and Robots that show different aspects of robots. STEM robotics is important for the future because robotics is already everywhere in our world - from our houses (e.g. iRobot vacuum) to Amazon’s warehouses, to automobile assembly lines and space shuttles. Here are a few ways robotics camps will help your child:

  • Learn complex problem solving and decision making while having fun
  • Come up with efficient solution designs to cool challenges
  • Enjoy hands-on learning by building or controlling a virtual robot
  • Build courage by working through mistakes
  • Build confidence by sharing their work
  • Discover robotics skills to become an engineer, technician, or operator
  • Pick up new skills from the comfort of your home
  • Get access to the best instructors from around the world

How to pick the best virtual robotics camp for your student

If you're curious about how to pick the best place to begin learning robotics, here are a few quick tips to get you started in the right camp:
  1. Your child's grade: The first consideration should be your child’s age group. Make sure the camp you pick has their grade level listed.
  2. Prior coding experience: We encourage all students to start from Unit 1 even if you have prior coding experience. Our classes are designed to be approachable for absolute beginners, but also provide plenty of fun and challenges for students with some experience. If you've never taken any coding classes before, join a Scratch camp before our robotics camp.
  3. Budget: Purchasing a complete program such as the Junior Robotics program can help you save.
  4. Schedule: Pick a schedule that matches your child's time preferences. If they're a night owl, pick an evening class.
  5. More questions: If you're not sure where to start, you can always email us at, and we'll get you set up.

Robotics resources for kids and teens

Check out tons of fun robotics competitions, robotics kits and toys, and more.
  • Robotics and coding: We live in an era where many human tasks are now automated as a result of robotics. Find out why coding is critical when it comes to robots, and which coding language to select for robotics. And discover the best tools and programs for your child to start learning robotics.
  • Robotics kits and competitions: A great STEM robotics kit is fun for your child and suitable for their age, developmental needs, and personality. STEM Robotics competitions increase learning, and prepare students for the future. Here are a few options for both!
  • NASA robotics: Here's a helpful list of in-person and online robotics camps organized by NASA.
Ready to join the largest robotics competition in the world? Watch this great video to meet Nancy, one of the TOP 50 most influential women in robotics. Nancy is a robot expert at REC Foundation which supported and operated VEX - the largest and fastest growing robotics competition globally. Learn about this most popular robotics competition, and get valuable tips to learn robotics.
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