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How to Make a Maze in Scratch

In this article, we’ll show you how to build a maze game. We’ll start from the beginning and demonstrate how to create your own maze, control the character’s escape from the maze with arrow keys, and even customize the maze with different themes!

5 Fun ScratchJr Project Ideas For Kids

Discover the many benefits of ScratchJr for children ages 3-7. Then, explore 5 fun ScratchJr projects children can try to test their skills and expand their imagination, including a racing game, a growing challenge, and more.

10 Fun Python Exercises for Kids

Explore a variety of Python exercises for kids including fun questions and challenges! We find that students learn best by doing, and thus it is vital to give your children worthwhile challenges to keep them engaged.

21 Fun Math Games for Kids

Today, we are going to introduce you to fun math games for kids. Engaging kids in fun math games is a great way to spark their interest in data, analytics, and more! Creating enjoyable entry points into mathematics will only help your child have a stronger mathematical future.

15 Famous Women in Computer Science

The percentage of modern computer science female professionals is only 20%. However, the impact women have made in computer science greatly outweighs that small percentage. Discover the works of 15 famous women in technology!