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Fun projects and resources for kids and teens to learn coding

Beginning Coding for Kids

Are you ready for beginning coding for kids? With computer programming at the forefront of many emerging technologies and computers themselves responsible for seemingly everything, many parents will wonder how they can get their student a head start on this invaluable skill.

15 Best Minecraft Toys for Kids

Minecraft has given rise to a ton of products, both official and unofficial, and unfortunately there are a lot of lesser quality toys out there. To make it easier for you, we've pulled together the best Minecraft toys for kids of all ages (including grown ups!).

Top Coding Bootcamps for Kids & Teens

Today we have outlined some of the best coding bootcamps for kids and teens to help you find a path of study for your children to develop these essential skills while exploring their creative curiosity and working their brains, regardless of age or previous coding experience.

What Is Block Coding?

So, what is block coding? As Computer Science is becoming a more and more fundamental part of every part of society, it has become a core skill for kids to learn earlier in school.

Coding Lesson for Kids

Studies show that 80+% of parents consider learning coding to be at least as or more important than learning math and English. Want to find the perfect coding lesson for kids? Look no further.