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Fun projects and resources for kids and teens to learn coding

The Best Educational Toys and Gifts for Kids & Teens

The greatest gift you can give this holiday season is not the latest game console or tech gadget - it’s the gift of learning. Instead of buying your loved one games or tech, enable him or her to create future games and tech! Give your loved ones educational toys and gifts for kids and teens.

Video Game Classes & Camps for Kids & Teens

Having your child learn through something they love is the best way for them to retain information. It's important for your child to learn the fundamentals of programming and game design. This gives them a leg up in the workforce, on college applications, and with internships.

7 Cool Minecraft Mod Ideas

One of the most fulfilling things (other than beating the Ender Dragon) is to make your own Minecraft mods. Minecraft modding is great, but where do you start? You are in luck because today we'll share some of the most extraordinary mod ideas to inspire your future creations.

Easy Minecraft Mod Makers

Modding Minecraft can be tough! You need tons of different tools and knowledge, and you may not even know where to start. Look no further, as this blog will guide you through the easiest and best Minecraft Mod Makers.

How to Script a Fading Trap on Roblox

In this post we will show you how to write the script for a Fading Trap part that is perfect to put in an obby (obstacle course) or puzzle-style game! A fading trap is a block, or part, that slowly fades away until the player falls through.