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Computer Science Classes for Kids: Online Open Classes

Free Computer Science Classes for Kids

Online Open Classes

Free computer science classes for kids on fun and state-of-art technologies, brought to you by Google, Apple and Stanford experts

Computer Science in Daily Life From Tech Experts

Welcome to Create & Learn's Open Classes, featuring tech experts from top companies that teach how they use computer science in daily life. Here you will find upcoming events and recordings of previous events, that cover state of art technologies. Each approximately hour-long class is designed with kids in mind.

Discover all sorts of applications of computer science from computer scientists with decades of experience in leading technology companies. Pick your favorite free online classes for kids and save your spot today!

The Industry Expert Difference

Our open classes provide children a unique opportunity to learn directly from some of the biggest experts in their fields, from NASA, Pixar, Apple, and more. In these live (and later on-demand) classes, students discover real-life applications of computer science. They find out what coding has to do with their favorite sports, see how medical research is influenced by computer science, learn all about the power of GPU and its impact on movies like Star Wars, plus so much more. When experts passionate about subjects teach kids, the results are unbelievable. Students leave open classes realizing the world is full of wonder! Start a computer science adventure today, that brings a lifetime of joy.

How Did I Rescue NASA Spacecraft Far Away

  • Grades 2-10
    4:00 PM Pacific Standard Time
  • Does your child want to know what it's like to control a NASA spacecraft more than a million times farther than the space station? Meet Dr. Marc, the leader of many NASA interplanetary missions, to hear his exciting story in space! In this FREE kids event, your child will learn: 🛰 How Dr. Marc start his passion and career in space exploration 🛰 How Dr. Marc handled incredible obstacles to rescue the NASA spacecraft 🛰 Dr. Marc's Dawn Mission to explore dwarf planet Ceres and asteroid Vesta 🛰 Hands-on activities to learn space concepts guided by NASA expert 🛰 What is it like to work at NASA and what are the opportunities to explore space for students 🛰 Ask NASA experts any questions you want! Speaker: Dr. Marc Rayman, the Chief of Science and Operations at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory; Bruce Callow - Teacher and Co-author of <To the Stars: Costa Rica in NASA>

Explore Robotics & AI in NASA (Recording)

  • Grades 4-10
  • Are you fascinated about space travel and going to Mars? With the recent NASA and SpaceX launches, we are getting closer everyday to calling space our new home? 🚀 But there are huge challenges. Many simple things become very difficult in space, like talking to someone in space. In this fun event, your child from Grades 4-10 will meet Dr. Frank at NASA to explore how humans and robots can work together to explore outer space. Watch our exclusive video now to learn more about how NASA uses computer science to solve the many challenges in going to Mars.
  • 60 minutes
  • Dr. Jeremy Frank - Group Lead at NASA

Online Community Kids Events

Join Coding Fairs, Kahoot! games, and other fun events for kids and parents.

Minecraft Adventures: Code to Save Village

Grades 2-9

Does your child love playing Minecraft? Do they want save a village with coding in Minecraft? This awesome 1-hour Minecraft coding event will teach your child how code a solution to prevent the spread of fire, save a village, and bring life back into a cool forest. Your child will learn the basics of Minecraft coding and explore a real-world example of how to prevent fires with the help of artificial intelligence. Save your spot for this FREE coding event online, and have fun!

Circuit Fun with Snap Circuits

Grades 2-10

They are in your phone, and they are in your car. They light up your house, and they run roller coasters. What are they? They're electronic circuits and they're everywhere! In this fun free online event, your child will learn the basics of electronic circuits using Snap Circuits. We will build several fun projects, while they learn what a circuit is, how circuits work, how to create one, and how to add more parts in a circuit to make sounds, light, and more! They will also learn different components of circuits, and how they can be put together to create a fun system. Your child will have the best experience if you have a SNAP CIRCUITS® JR set or above. However, having a set is not required. Your child can still create circuits digitally and be creative! Sign up for this free event to be entered for a chance to win a $75 Snap Circuits Learning Kit for free.

Poem Art by

Grades 2-6

Add art and animation to a classic poem in this Hour of Code activity!

Language Invention: From Ancient Chinese to Modern Computers

Grades K-8

Join us for a fun hour of learning expanding thousands of years of human history from the invention of Chinese characters to how computers are able to display such diverse things - characters, emojis , images, animations, videos, games, and more. When humans first thought about writing down their words, what was in their mind, how did they go about inventing it? The origin of the written language was a fascinating one. In this class, we will learn about specifically what early chinese look like? Like 人 means a person. Do you see the little person in there :)? How about 山 and 火,what do they mean? Fast forward thousands of years, how computers are able to display all these characters from languages to emojis 😃🎉❤️, from still images to videos and games, are even more fascinating. Your child will meet both a Chinese language teacher and a computer science expert. They will learn about: ⭐️ legendary stories of how ancient Chinese characters were created ⭐️ some fun pictorial Chinese characters ⭐️ what are bit, byte, and Unicode in modern computers ⭐️ how bits and bytes magically enabled everything you see on computer screen The co-hosts of the event are Create & Learn - an award-winning online kid’s coding program designed by Google and Stanford experts, and Lingobus - an online Mandarin learning platform that provides professional and customized Chinese language learning products to both heritage and non-heritage learners.

Become a Master of Google Docs

Grades 4-10

Join us on an exploration of Google Docs. Google Docs is an online word processor included as part of the free, web-based Google Docs Editors suite offered by Google. With Google Docs, you can create and edit text documents right in your web browser; no special software is required. Your child will learn the basics of Google Docs such as an exploration of the Google Docs interface and how to use commonly used features all while creating an awesome pet resume document.

Hour of Code: Minecraft TimeCraft Mission

Grades 2-6

As a computer scientist for the Institute of Major Time Errors, it’s your job to correct the mysterious Time Splits appearing in history and to find who (or what!) is causing them! Join this free live online event to learn basic coding concepts to correct mysterious mishaps throughout history. Together we'll travel back in time to save the future using Minecraft: Education Edition. Students will choose their own adventure and connect with great innovators and inventions in science, architecture, music, engineering, and more. They'll also practice computer science concepts such as sequences, events, loops and debugging. Save your student's spot by signing up for free today, or if you can't make the live time, sign up anyway and we'll send you a recording of the event.

Create Your Own Digital Holiday Card

Grades 2-10

Does your child want to create their own digital holiday cards for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, or any festivals they like? Now they can do that with Canva - a powerful and trendy graphic design platform with a simple interface - and it is free! Join this fun event, our digital design expert will show students examples of great digital design and how to use the intuitive drag-and-drop tool in Canva to create their own design. You will be amazed to receive a digital card your child created with computers. Sign up for free today, and have fun!

Online Coding Fair (Different Themes Each Time)

Grades 2-10

Join this virtual coding fair, and get inspiration from advanced students who use their favorite coding tools to create animations, games, or apps of their own stories. After the event, you will find your child more motivated to create with coding! The Oct 30th theme will be "HALLOWEEN"! The themes for future fairs will be announced later. If this event time does not fit your time, you can still enroll and sign up to get notified with more free events like this.

Learn Scratch Coding with Kahoot!

Grades 2-6

Join us for a fun-filled hour to play a set of Kahoot! games and review coding concepts students have learned in Scratch coding classes. We will play 3 levels - starting from level 1, all the way to Level 3. Everyone is welcome to join. You can play Kahoot! from a phone, tablet, or computer. If you would like to learn more about Scratch, you could join our free intro classes to get started. Sign up here Join, have fun, and learn!

AP CSP (AP Computer Science Principles) Classes Info Session

Grades 6-12

APCSP (AP Computer Science Principles) is one of the two computer science AP courses/exams offered by the College Board. It is "an introductory college-level computing course that introduces students to the breadth of the field of computer science. Students learn to design and evaluate solutions and to apply computer science to solve problems through the development of algorithms and programs. They incorporate abstraction into programs and use data to discover new knowledge. Students also explain how computing innovations and computing systems—including the internet—work, explore their potential impacts, and contribute to a computing culture that is collaborative and ethical." Our APCSP courses include two parts. The first part gives an extensive overview of the various computer science areas covered by APCSP. Any student who have learned Python can take it regardless of whether you want to take the AP exam of not. Part II is designed specifically for preparing for the exam in May 2022. Sign up for this info session to learn more about our AP Computer Science Principles courses.

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Free Intro to Scratch Coding

Grades 2-5
Code games and animations with the #1 beginner classes

Beginner Minecraft Modding Intro: Code to Save Village

Grades 3-5
Solve puzzles, build, and create games with fun coding in Minecraft

AI Explorers - Introduction

Grades 4-6
Discover How Self-Driving Cars, Face Recognition, and Other Advanced Technologies Work With AI For Kids

Data Superpower - Introduction (Semi-Private Class)

Grades 4-6
Discover Data Science, One of the Most Valuable Skills, and See the World

Free Intro to Intermediate Minecraft Modding

Grades 4-7
Learning to Code Games, Stories, and Cool Buildings - Bring them to Life in Minecraft

Roblox Studio Intro - First Project (Free, Limited Time)

Grades 4-8
Create your own Roblox world and games using Roblox Studio with coding

Accelerated Scratch - Intro to Coding for Middle Schoolers

Grades 5-9
Fast-Paced Introductory Coding Class for Grades 5-9 - Build Games, Stories, and Animations

Free Intro to Python Coding

Grades 5-9
Dive into a Real-World Top Programming Language

Videos of Previous Free Online Events

Learning coding, AI, robotics from Google, NASA, MIT, Stanford experts and more

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Art & Science in Our Online Life Data
Elijah Meeks - Data Visualization Engineer, Apple. Executive Director, Data Visualization Society
From Blockbuster Movies to Artificial Intelligence - Learn the Power of GPU
May Casterline - Ph.D, Senior Data Scientist from NVIDIA
OpenVaccine Game
Karen Tolentino - Researcher, Dr. Howard Chang’s Lab at Stanford University
Saving the World with Supercomputers!
Computers are helping us solve many toughest problems in the world from understanding climate change, environmental impacts, expansion of the universe, to decoding viruses like COVID19. The toughest problems need more powerful computers, in fact, they need supercomputers! So what's a supercomputer? No, it doesn't have a cape. :) How does it work? And most importantly, what problems can it solve? In this talk, one of the top experts, Prof. Yelick from UC Berkeley, will introduce you to the fascinating field of Supercomputers and the powerful things they can deliver. Prof. Yelick received her PhD degree in Computer Science in MIT. She is a professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences at Berkeley and the Associate Laboratory Director for Computing Sciences at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.
Coding Behind Your Favorite Sports
Bret Myers - Data Science Professor; Lauren Mauel - Coding Teacher, Swimming Coach & Sports Analyst
Secrets of Creating MIT in Minecraft
Does your child enjoy Minecraft? Wouldn’t it be amazing to build an entire University campus in Minecraft? 🏫 Join this fun class to meet the creators from MIT who built the 1:1 scale replica of their entire campus in Minecraft with stunning details. Your child will take a tour to this virtual campus and learn how more than 200 students, professors, alumni from MIT worked together to build this amazing world within only a few weeks. They will share how they came up with creative coding solutions to build several difficult buildings from outside to interiors, and how to host big events in the game! Sign up for free today, and join us to explore this amazing campus in Minecraft together!
The Most Popular Robotics Competition in the World - VEX
If the class time does not fit your schedule, you can also sign up to get the recording after the class.
Coding Games in Roblox
Peter Wonica - Game Design and Computer Science Curriculum Developer at Roblox
How Does Your Phone Pack Them All?
James Kung - Android Developer at Google
Secrets of Creating UC Berkeley in Minecraft
If your have trouble joining the Zoom, you can also join the class via the Facebook Live at
Pixar in a Box: The Computer Science Behind the Movies (Recording)
Tony DeRose - Former Senior Scientist, Pixar Animation Studios. Two-time Oscar winner.
Special Event: UC Berkeley Campus Tour in Minecraft
On this event, the Berkeley team and an official Berkely tour guide will take you to tour their entire campus built in Minecraft. Join this event to explore more than 100 buildings in the Minecraft campus and the student life in Berkeley. If you have the Minecraft Java Edition, you can also have the chance to log into Minecraft and actually walk around (and fly) in this meticulously built campus with the Berkeley students. Since the spots to log into Minecraft are limited, please also fill out the below form to save your spots and we will pick randomly from the form. Fill out this form if you want to log into Minecraft for the tour (require Minecraft Java Edition): If you don't have the Minecraft Java Edition, you can just sign up for the event to watch the tour!
Internet: Magic behind the scenes
Winnie Lam - Director / Global Client Lead, Google.
How the Airbnb Website was Built (with Airbnb Expert!)
Does your child want to know how the amazing Airbnb website was built? Meet an Airbnb expert and explore the latest technologies behind travel magic nowadays, like websites and cloud computing! In this class, your child (Grades 4-10) will learn about: ✈️ What Airbnb, is and what it is like working at Airbnb 🖥 Airbnb website infrastructure such as Frontend, Backend, Dataflow ☁️ How Airbnb stores tons of data globally using Cloud Computing 🙋 Fun hands-on activities with Airtable to test your new knowledge Sign up to save your spot for FREE today, and have fun!
Code Games with Game Expert at Unity
Your child probably spends a lot of time playing games, right? 😏 Why not encourage them to build their own games and make an awesome career out of it?! 🎮 In this live online event, your child from Grades 4-10 will meet a game expert from Unity, one of the biggest game companies in the world. Students will explore how to create a car-driving game with Unity Bolt, a cool coding tool, and also learn about how to become a game developer. The expert’s recent work includes developing and optimizing Nintendo Switch ports, real-time multiplayer VR experiences, and simulation with the Microsoft Hololens. Sign up for the free event today, and have fun!
Esports Behind The Scenes
Speaker: Founder & CEO, Seth Mason, at The Esports Company whose vision is to provide real opportunities and experience through esports and technology
Explore Artificial Intelligence with Google Expert
Is your child fascinated by AI and robots like R2-D2 in Star Wars or Transformers? Can we be friends with AI one day? Now AI (Artificial Intelligence) is everywhere - AI can now beat the highest ranking Go players, compose music, read medical images better than average doctors, and so much more. In this exciting event, your child will meet the Co-Head of Google's People + AI Research Center to explore the human-centered AI in the future. Sign up to save your spot for FREE today, and have fun!
From Ocean to Supercomputers - The Journey of Computing
Do your kids know even the fastest computers today are made from sands in the ocean? Meet Rebecca, the Vice President at Intel, to take your child on a journey of computing - from Ocean to Supercomputers, and it is FREE! In this fun event, your child from Grades 4-10 will learn: 🏝 How sand is turned to chips and then computers ☁️ How lots of computers work together to provide cloud computing 🌎 Environmental aspects of cloud computing and data centers Rebecca leads the organization that influences every aspect of Intel’s cloud platform solutions, and she is on Fortune’s 40 Under 40 list of most influential people in technology. She also graduated from MIT with a degree in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. Sign up to save your spot for FREE today, and have fun!
Explore Self-Driving Cars with Google Expert!
Does your child love cars? Do they want to know what cars will look like in the future? Explore self-driving cars with a Google expert and have fun - for FREE! In this exciting online event, children grades 4-10 will learn: ✅ About all the cool features of future cars with no drivers 💪 And explore how Computer Science creates much more powerful cars. 💻 Plus, students will get inspired by the state-of-the-art Google technologies for future cars. Book your child's virtual seat today, and be prepared for the future!
Explore NASA Mission To Collect Asteroid Rock
About Nicole Lunning: The goal of my research is to contribute to understanding how rocky bodies formed and evolved in the Solar System. As a petrologist, I investigate the geochemical evolution of extraterrestrial bodies by conducting experiments and by studying meteorites, many of which originated from the surviving portions of planetesimals in our asteroid belt.
Ashkhen Zakharyan - Aiva
Meet Unity - The Most Popular Game Development Platform
Dan Miller - Senior VR/AR Evangelist at Unity
How can robots help us: especially now
Chris Atkeson - Professor in the Robotics Institute and Human-Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon University
Fun Finance Literacy for Kids
Need help teaching your child about money? This class will make your life easier! Your children from Grades 4-10 will meet a finance intelligence expert for kids from Ortus Academy, and play several fun online games to understand: 💰 The concept and value of budgeting and saving 😎 How to plan money decisions to match their own values and priorities 📊 How to make investments if they are small business owners Sign up to save your spot for FREE today, and have fun!