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Join fun kids computer classes!

Join fun kids computer classes!

Enjoy small-group kids' classes, led by engaging teachers and designed by Google, MIT, and Stanford experts.

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Free Intro to Scratch Coding

Grades 2-5

In this free Scratch class, learn the basics of how to use Scratch interface live online with an awesome teacher. Enjoy programs created by other students, and work together to build a fun game of your own (for many this is the very first program they have ever built. :)).

Scratch Ninja 1

Grades 2-5

This class uses Scratch, a platform developed by MIT, to teach fundamental coding concepts. We start from the very basics, no prior coding experiences needed. Students will learn core coding concepts such as sequence, loop, and conditional. We will also use a wide range of Scratch specific capabilities including motion, sensing, control, and more. Your child will have a lot of fun as we build a new project in every session ranging from animation, games, to storytelling. Students not only learn coding but also start creating from day 1!

Scratch Ninja 2

Grades 2-5

Building on what students have learned in Unit 1, we continue to cover important computer programming concepts such as variables, messaging, and events. Again a new project is created in every session. We will build fun games and stories. Students can choose their own themes based on their interests, while learning new coding and scratch capabilities. They are challenged to be creative and solve tough problems while learning the deeper computer science concepts.

Scratch Ninja 3

Grades 3-6

This unit covers the most advanced programming concepts that Scratch has to offer such as list/array, defining your own blocks (functions), and complex interactions between different game elements via messaging & cloning. We continue the cadence of the 1 fun project per session, even though projects are becoming more complex. Class time focuses on learning new coding concepts as well as how to construct steps to build more complex projects. In order to complete each project, students will typically need to spend 1-2 hours outside of class to finish all the details.

Scratch Ninja 4

Grades 4-6

This is our most advanced Scratch coding class for kids. The focus is on making connections across the learnings while layering additional challenges in coding, problem solving, and creativity. We will be building a variety of fun arcade games inspired projects where students can add their own twists based on their personal interests. Students are expected to complete the project after each class, so we can focus class time on the most challenging part of the game building. I am sure you will be amazed at what your child can do with Scratch code!

Accelerated Scratch - Intro to Coding for Middle Schoolers

Grades 5-9

In this free Scratch coding class, your child will learn how to use Scratch, practice core coding concepts, and build an impressive project in just under an hour. It's great for both middle schoolers and high schoolers. You'll see their confidence and interest in coding soar!

Accelerated Scratch 1

Grades 6-9

This class covers most of the foundational computer science and coding concepts Scratch has, such as loops, conditional, variables, and sensing. Students deliver a project in each session ranging from animations and games to graphic designs and storytelling. Students will be challenged to be creative and solve tough problems, while learning deeper computer science concepts.

Accelerated Scratch 2

Grades 6-9

In this part II of the Accelerated Scratch coding series, we cover the more advanced coding concepts in Scratch, such as functions and lists, while continuing to explore cool features Scratch has to offer such as cloning. Students will work on a new relatively complex projects in each session including animations, games, and storytelling. As with all of our classes, there is lots of focus placed on creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, and fun!

Accelerated Scratch 3 (Advanced)

Grades 6-9

During the culminating class of the Accelerated Scratch coding series, you will combine all of the coding concepts and Scratch features you've learned into building very complex, advanced Scratch projects. Students will practice implementing all the tools from Accelerated Scratch 1 & 2, and have the option to build their very own unique game with guidance from the instructor.

Comprehensive education
Comprehensive education
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Award-winning curriculum
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100% satisfaction guarantee
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These virtually taught classes are so engaging, my son really enjoys them and is so excited to show us the coding projects he has completed on all 3 levels of Scratch Ninja. We will definitely be signing him up for more classes and thoroughly recommend Create & Learn to other parents.

Amanda E.
Create & Learn Parent

Amazing instructor. Can really keep my daughter engaged in a fun way. Thanks to Create & Learn my daughter's tech scores have skyrocketed at school.

Bhavi P.
Create & Learn Parent

Amazing virtual classes that taught my son about coding. He has taken 3 classes and he loves them all. They have some really good programs. I would definitely recommend this website and I plan to sign him up for more classes.

Create & Learn Parent
El Carmelo
Herbert Hoover
Activity Hero