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K-12 Computer Science Curriculum

Students from grades 2 to 12 will find exactly the right path for their education with our comprehensive computer science curriculum for kids. Our curriculum is designed by experts from MIT, Stanford, and more, to delight your child's imagination, no matter their interests. With subjects as diverse as beginner-friendly Scratch coding and fun Minecraft game development, through advanced cloud computing and Java, you're sure to find the right fit. It's easy to get started!
computer curriculum for kids

The Benefits of Computer Science for Kids

computer science for kids

See the broader world

Our life goals are often limited by what we know about the world. Many kids start learning to code because they want to create games. We show students how studying computer science can lead to making movies, training top athletes, investing in stocks, building smart homes, creating robots, saving wild animals, and much more.

Enjoy systematic comprehensive learning paths

Starting with MIT Scratch, our curriculum covers wide-ranging topics including computer science fundamentals, core programming languages such as Python, Javascript, and Java, as well as state of art technologies such as Firebase, Keras (Artificial Intelligence), and Android - the same tools top engineers use. Classes build on top of previous subjects to reinforce learning, while also expanding to new areas of learning.

benefits of computer science
computer science

Better learning with the inquiry-based method

Engage kids' curiosity with successful pattern building. Our unique learning method ensures students develop critical thinking and problem solving skills they'll use even beyond the classroom. Your child's quest will lead to more creativity and fun!

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Enjoy a comprehensive curriculum for every child and find the right place to begin! Our computer science curriculum for elementary, middle school, and high school will guide your child on the path to success. Start with foundation classes, choose intermediate classes based on interests, and complete advanced classes for ambitious learners.

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