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Hour of Code 2021: Free Activities

Teachers, partners, and cities try our Hour of Code activity classes for groups of 10+ students - anytime of the year!

Hour of Code

Parents looking for Hour of Code activities, explore our free classes! Teachers try our Hour of Code activity classes for groups of 10+ students. Just pick the subject you're interested in and contact us. We'll get in touch to get you all set up for your live Zoom sessions.

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What is the Hour of Code?
The Hour of Code started as an introduction to computer science created by The program was designed to celebrate coding and raise awareness. It was intended to be a quick way to show that anybody can learn the basics of coding, with the goal of broadening participation in the field of computer science. Today it’s become a global movement, with participation in 180 countries and 45 different languages. Millions of students participate, enjoying tutorials and activities for one hour. And you can get involved, too, right here!
When is the Hour of Code?
The Hour of Code takes place each year during Computer Science Education Week. Which is held annually, typically in December, in recognition of the birthday (December 9, 1906) of computing pioneer Admiral Grace Murray Hopper.
Keep Learning After the Hour of Code
While the Hour of Code will get your students excited about coding, the learning doesn't stop there! Prepare for the future by continuing to learn the basics of computer science with Create & Learn's online coding classes for kids. With a curriculum designed by Google, Stanford and MIT experts, our classes make it fun to learn coding in a low-stress environment, with the support of an engaging, live instructor. From getting started with Scratch to mastering Python, find a programming language that will teach logical thinking you'll use for the rest of your life.
Hour of Code All Year Long
Want to bring award-winning computer science classes to your community? Reserve a free coding session led by Create & Learn for kids grades K-12 to celebrate the Hour of Code with an inspiring activity. Get in touch with us to pick your class content and preferred time! Choose from fun subjects including Scratch, Python, robotics, data science, or artificial intelligence. Our teachers will join your class via Zoom video conferencing at your reserved time and instruct your group of 10+ students. This special free offer is limited to one session and for a group of 10+ students only.

* If you are looking for classes for less than 10 students, sign up for our online coding for kids classes.

How It Works

1. Learn about activities

Explore 9 free activities below and learn about each class' contents by clicking Learn More.

2. Pick your free activity

Choose from 9 fun choices below and request it by completing the form.

3. Book your activity session

We'll get back to you within 72 business hours to help finalize your class schedule and details, and answer any questions you might have.

4. Enjoy your activity

During your requested time, connect to the Zoom we send and a Create & Learn teacher will lead your group of 10+ students through learning the coding activity you selected!

Pick Your Free Hour of Code Activity

From Scratch to data science, pick the class subject your children will be most excited about from 9 fun computer science classes below

Hour of Code: Minecraft TimeCraft Mission

Grades 2-6

As a computer scientist for the Institute of Major Time Errors, it’s your job to correct the mysterious Time Splits appearing in history and to find who (or what!) is causing them! Join this free live online event to learn basic coding concepts to correct mysterious mishaps throughout history. Together we'll travel back in time to save the future using Minecraft: Education Edition. Students will choose their own adventure and connect with great innovators and inventions in science, architecture, music, engineering, and more. They'll also practice computer science concepts such as sequences, events, loops and debugging. Save your student's spot by signing up for free today, or if you can't make the live time, sign up anyway and we'll send you a recording of the event.

learn more

Scratch Ninja

Grades 2-5

Code games and animations with the #1 beginner classes

learn more

Lights & Beats with Micro:Bit

Grades 2-4

Code lights, sensors, and even radio with this powerful little device.

learn more

Minecraft Modding Quest

Grades 2-5

Solve puzzles, build, and create games with fun coding in Minecraft

learn more

Junior Robotics

Grades 2-4

Code your robot to move, sense, lift, and more - all in virtual worlds.

learn more

Mobile Coding for Apps and Games

Grades 4-7

Create Powerful Mobile Apps and Games Using Intuitive Block Coding.

learn more

AI Explorers

Grades 4-7

Discover How Self-Driving Cars, Face Recognition, and Other Advanced Technologies Work With AI For Kids

learn more

Circuit Wizards: Arduino for Kids

Grades 4-9

Create with circuits and Arduino - the foundation of smart devices

learn more

Python for AI

Grades 5-9

Dive into a Real-World Top Programming Language

learn more
Comprehensive education
Comprehensive education
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Award-winning curriculum
Award-winning curriculum
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100% satisfaction guarantee
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