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The Bigger Picture Of STEM Learning
The world is changing quickly. But education systems are slow to adapt. It is in every parent's and teacher's hand to help our kids grow up happy, successful, and achieving their full potential.
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The Whole-Brain Approach

From Learning to Creating

At Create & Learn, we take the whole-brain approach to STEAM learning. This means kids not only have hands-on experiences with latest technologies such as AI and Data Science, but more importantly, we bring them all the way to the highest tier of learning which is to develop kids' creativity and critical thinking skills.

This is why we are Create & Learn - from learning all the way to creating.

Have fun and see the world!

We employ effective and creative learning approaches advocated by MIT Media Lab in every aspect of our curriculum design. In addition, we teach real-world technologies in context so kids can easily relate to them. And Fun goes far beyond being fun. :) Kids develop a deeper understanding when the learning process is relevant, relatable, and fun to them.

Students also get a lot of opportunities to express their views and develop communication skills.

Critical Thinking & Creativity

According to the World Economic Forum, the top skills required for the future are higher order thinking skills such as problem-solving, creativity, and critical thinking. Unfortunately, studies show that only 4% of classroom work in the US schools require these skills.

Problem-solving, creativity, and critical thinking are core parts of every single class at Create & Learn.

Learn Latest Technologies

By 2045, $1000 is expected to purchase more computational power than all the humans combined. While technologies continue to evolve, many fundamental principles stay relatively the same. And the exposure to a diverse set of technologies will build the knowledge base for creativity and growing curiosity.

Create & Learn Team

We are tech experts, parents, and educators. We are passionate about education and helping kids reach their full potential.
Jessie Jiang
Jessie Jiang
Founder, CEO
Previously Google
Stanford MBA, UCLA Computer Science Ph.D
Love learning
Has a 10 year old daughter
Yuanzong Qiu
Yuanzong Qiu
Previously Uber, Apple, Amazon
Love hiking and travelling
Has a toddler who recently started to develop independent intelligence
Kathleen Tarlow
Kathleen Tarlow
Science teacher
Stanford B.S. Biological Sciences, MA Education
Love science and kids
Has three children
David Torres
David Torres
Growth Marketing
B.S. Marketing and Management
Love golf and coffee
Passionate about kids' education