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Equip your child with the most important skills for the future.

According to the World Economic Forum, the top skills required for the future are higher order thinking skills such as problem solving and creativity. But, studies show that only 4% of U.S. classroom work requires these skills. Our mission is to help children develop creativity and critical thinking, while learning important computer science skills for success.


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STEM learning that develops kids' creativity.

Did you know studies show that more than 80% of parents consider learning computer science to be at least as or more important than learning math and English? However most schools are ill-equipped to teach computer science education because of the pace at which technology changes and lack of qualified teachers - even those right in the center of Silicon Valley where I live.

For years, I struggled with how to get my daughter the education to best equip her for success. I began sending her to expensive tech camps in the summer at age 6. But the results were mostly disappointing. Even the better ones lacked systematic learning, and the projects shown off after camp were the result of copying and pasting code, not their own critical thinking and problem solving. She also had no idea how what she'd learned could apply to the real world. And rather surprisingly, the most expensive programs I tried often fell short the most.

While after a lot of effort I figured out how to help her, what are busy parents with no computer science background to do to equip their children?

That's why I started Create & Learn. I want to be sure students everywhere have access to the best, cutting-edge technology instruction in the world. Today, I'm proud over 100,000 students have learned and had fun with us!

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Your kid is one of a kind - the way they learn is too. With small groups of 5 students max, your child gets the individualized attention and feedback they need to succeed.
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Love learning! Cool hands-on projects, relatable real-life examples, and lively teachers keep computer science exciting.
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Learn the real stuff pros use. We teach the best platforms in the industry. So kids build cutting-edge, real-world skills.
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Create & Learn's global STEM online education platform is headquartered in Palo Alto, and was founded by Jessie Jiang and Yuanzong Qiu in 2017.


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We're invested in your child - not just a class.

With a systemic learning path for every age and interest, your student will discover their love for computer science. We'll help you select the best classes to begin with, and advance to, from over 30 different subject areas covering the latest next-generation technologies.

Grades 2-4
Grades 2-4

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Everybody should learn how to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think.

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