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Scratch coding

Scratch coding

Scratch coding is a wonderful introduction to computer programming that helps teach its applications in the real world. We’ll give an overview of the language, help you get started and show you the best resources including fun classes and games. Keep reading to find a list of Scratch tutorials for kids that will teach you how to start creating your own projects!
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Explore Scratch coding

In this section we'll introduce the Scratch platform and language and explain how it differs from Scratch Jr. We'll answer common questions and get you started by showing you how to login.

What is Scratch?

Scratch coding is a platform to build computer programs using a block based language. It’s super fun to build creative games and animations in Scratch.

Scratch programming language

The Scratch programming language uses drag and drop blocks. As a result, Scratch serves as a great introduction to focus on computer science principles without worrying about syntax. The blocks are grouped into categories showing what they do, such as “Motion”, “Looks”, and “Sensing”.


Scratch Jr is an app for tablets designed to teach young children how to code. Like Scratch, it features drag and drop blocks. Kids can use motion blocks to control their characters and customize the story they want to tell.


Scratch is a website that is a great way for children to experience coding. It uses intuitive blocks that can be snapped together to tell a story or create an animation. Scratch incorporates key coding concepts like loops, conditional statements, and variables. Learn more about Scratch concepts and skills.

Is Scratch coding free?

Yes, Scratch coding is free! You can go to the Scratch website, click “Create” in the upper left corner and immediately start building your own projects. If you’d like to save them, you’ll need to create a free account.

What does Scratch mean in coding?

In coding, Scratch refers to this website that allows beginners to start building computer programs. It’s used by millions of people all over the world. Scratch provides an easy-to-navigate interface with blocks on the left, your workspace to create in the middle, and a stage to see your code run on the right.

What code does Scratch use?

Scratch uses code in the form of drag and drop blocks. This means users can focus on important coding concepts like messaging and operators instead of worrying about syntax. The blocks are organized by category which makes them easy to explore.

Is Scratch coding safe?

Scratch coding is definitely safe! It was designed with young people in mind. Your projects are only public if you would like them to be. They use filters on content to promote clean language and collect limited information when you create an account.

Scratch coding login

To make an account, click “Join Scratch” in the upper right corner. Then follow the instructions to make a username and password. Keep clicking through the signup steps that ask for personal information like your birthday and your gender. The last step is to provide an email. If you want to share your projects, it’s important that you verify your email address. Check out our post on Scratch programming for beginners.

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Customized learning
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Award-winning curriculum
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Scratch coding classes

Even though the Scratch platform is free, taking a class to learn to code with Scratch is helpful since this provides a systematic introduction to computer science principles. Classes also provide a great environment where a teacher can show you tips and tricks in Scratch and inspire ideas for projects and you get the chance to ask questions.

At Create and Learn, our Scratch classes are taught by experienced computer science educators. Scratch coding for kids is a great introduction to computer science. We keep our class sizes small so each student gets individualized attention and we emphasize learning by creating. Each class teaches students how to build a fun project and features new coding concepts. For more Scratch coding classes check out the full catalog here.

Scratch Junior

Scratch Junior

Grades K-2

A fun ScratchJr coding class for kindergarteners and 1st graders.

Learn More
Scratch Ninja

Scratch Ninja

Grades 2-5

Code games and animations with the #1 beginner classes

Accelerated Scratch

Accelerated Scratch

Grades 5-9

Fast-Paced Introductory Coding Class for Grades 5-9 - Build Games, Stories, and Animations

Intermediate Game Building

Intermediate Game Building

Grades 2-6

Code a new fun game every week

Intermediate Game Building

Create and Learn's Intermediate Game Building is an excellent way for students to refine their Scratch coding skills. It is a great opportunity for kids to apply what they have learned already. Students must have completed Scratch Ninja units 1 and 2. Each week, an expert teacher leads a live online 50 minute class where they teach students how to build a new project from start to finish. Sessions do not build on each other so you can join at anytime!

Get started with Scratch coding

Learn to code with Scratch! We’ve introduced you to the Scratch platform and showed you some of the incredible things you can build with this programming tool at your fingertips. For very young children (grades K-2) we recommend starting with our Scratch Junior virtual program. For young children with little to no coding experience in grades 2-5, we recommend our Scratch Ninja series. For older students in grades 6 and up, after taking Accelerated Scratch, Python for AI is a good next step.

These virtually taught classes are so engaging, my son really enjoys them and is so excited to show us the coding projects he has completed on all 3 levels of Scratch Ninja. We will definitely be signing him up for more classes and thoroughly recommend Create & Learn to other parents.

Amanda E.
Create & Learn Parent

Amazing instructor. Can really keep my daughter engaged in a fun way. Thanks to Create & Learn my daughter's tech scores have skyrocketed at school.

Bhavi P.
Create & Learn Parent

Amazing virtual classes that taught my son about coding. He has taken 3 classes and he loves them all. They have some really good programs. I would definitely recommend this website and I plan to sign him up for more classes.

Create & Learn Parent

Scratch coding games and tutorials

Our Scratch instructors have written tutorials showing you how to recreate different games. Check out some of them below!

  1. A fun Scratch tutorial for kids: This article introduces basic Scratch concepts by showing you how to build a simple game featuring a cat and a balloon.
  2. How to make a golf game: This tutorial shows you how to make a golf game in Scratch played from a 'bird's-eye-view' perspective.
  3. ow to make Pacman on Scratch: Here we’ll show you how to make the Pacman arcade game in Scratch. This tutorial features character customization.
  4. How to make a basketball game on Scratch: This game uses delays and messaging to create the interactions between characters in a basketball game.
  5. How to make a geometry dash game on Scratch: This tutorial recreates the game in the popular Geometry Dash app. It shows you how to jump over obstacles and control when the game starts and stops.

Try to make these fun Scratch games

How to Make a Maze in Scratch

Find out how to make a maze in Scratch! Enjoy step-by-step instructions to create an original maze you'll love. See how to:

  1. Set up the maze and character
  2. Write the code for the start of the game
  3. Write the code to control the character with arrow keys
  4. Display a win message once the character escapes
  5. Customize the maze!
How to Make a Flappy Bird in Scratch

Find out how to make a Flappy Bird in Scratch! We’ll show you how to control the bird with the space key, build moving pillars, and update the score every time the bird flies through them. Get step-by-step instructions to:

  1. Pick a character
  2. Add the code for the "flappy" motion
  3. Create the pillars the bird will fly through
  4. Make a background for the end of the game
  5. End the game if the bird touches a pillar
  6. Take care of details for starting and ending the game
  7. Make the pillars move
  8. Create a score variable

Explore inspiring Scratch coding projects by students

Check out kids coding projects designed with Scratch to get ideas for what to make next. See more Scratch projects for kids ideas and ScratchJr projects for kids.

Artby Sebastian
Checkout this project at

Art -and- Music

Neil Armstrong!
Checkout this project at

Click the link that I put to listen! This is a project that I made :D Please like my project! Bye!!!

Checkout this project at

So you know how when a star explodes there's a...SUPERNOVA?!!

Checkout this project at

make a cure to fight a infection to win and make everyone live!

x wing vs tie fighters
Checkout this project at

x wing vs tie fighters star wars inspired

Ethan's Tower defense
Checkout this project at

Buy towers to defend your homeland from the evil blobs that have attacked it. Do this by clicking the top-right button. Hope you enjoy!

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