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Cloud Computing for Kids

Cloud Computing for Kids

Cloud computing for kids is fascinating! How are your favorite websites and apps able to reach billions of people around the world within seconds? Where does your favorite streaming service store the thousands of movies and TV shows you like to watch? The answer is cloud computing - without it, the internet will not be the way it is today.

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What is cloud computing for kids?

Cloud computing is how websites and the greater internet work behind the scenes. Everything online you use on a daily basis originates from another computer hundreds or even thousands of miles away from you. Large companies such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft host “clouds” that are in reality a bunch of data centers, warehouses full of powerful computers. The website’s content travels from the original data center to your laptop in only a few seconds via computer networks. Cloud computing reaches other aspects of computer science such as web development, cybersecurity, smart devices, and artificial intelligence. It’s one of the most in demand skills in the tech industry!
Why cloud computing classes for kids work

Cloud computing is not the easiest subject to learn, but in an online small cloud computing class students can learn this vital skill much more easily than any other method. In a class format, students have access to an instructor who can answer questions in real time. It’s impossible to ask questions to a textbook or a video! Small classes are ideal such that students have more personalized attention. Lessons can be tailored to a student’s specific needs. An online format makes taking the class super convenient and comfortable. In addition, the online format enables students to connect to other tech-savvy students from all over the world. Why not learn cloud computing by using cloud computing!

The best cloud computing classes

The best cloud computing class for kids is a cloud computing class designed for kids. Many cloud computing courses you may find online are for college students and older. These courses could be overly technical and theoretical for younger students. Kids learn concepts better with engaging hands-on projects that bring the concepts to life. The concepts must also be explained at a level appropriate for a child.

Create & Learn's cloud computing for kids

Create & Learn's cloud computing class is the only cloud computing class designed for kids grades 6 -12. This course is a great way to strengthen previous text-based programming experience. Our project-based course is designed by both educators and industry experts and taught by well trained instructors.

Through exciting and practical projects, students will gain real world experience with the same cutting edge technologies used by Google. These projects include setting up a database of your favorite things, setting up a personalized Minecraft server, and creating a real time multiplayer game. Our curriculum is designed to fuel creativity and make real life connections across industries so your child can explore the latest technologies and have fun! As a result, we’ve received over 600 five-star reviews on platforms such as Facebook.

Create & Learn's Cloud Computing Classes

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Frequently Asked Cloud Computing Questions

How do you explain cloud computing to a child?

Explain cloud computing to a child by sharing that cloud computing is how your favorite websites and the internet as a whole works behind the scenes. The content you are reading has made an incredible journey from a database server physically located thousands of miles away to your computer screen within milliseconds via cloud computing. While web design is how a website looks, cloud computing is how a website works and is delivered.

Why should a child learn cloud computing?

Everything nowadays is on the internet and understanding how the internet works is extremely powerful. Cloud computing is behind everything we use on a daily basis and will be critical for software of the future. Cloud computing is also one of the most in-demand skills in tech and has ties to other hot fields such as web development, cybersecurity, smart devices, and artificial intelligence.

What are the 3 types of cloud computing?

There are three types of cloud computing: public, private, and hybrid. Public cloud computing uses the computers of large companies such as Amazon, Google, or Microsoft, to handle a website’s needs. Private cloud computing means you set up your own computers to handle how your website is hosted. Hybrid cloud computing uses both your own computers and big companies’ computers to handle a website’s needs.

What are the benefits of cloud computing?

Cloud computing makes it easy for websites to grow. Before cloud computing, websites were hard to grow because people had to maintain their own servers. If a website gains a lot of visitors suddenly, the server would crash and the website would be down. Now with cloud computing, websites are easier to develop because big companies such as Amazon, Google, or Microsoft maintain the servers for you. This makes it easy for new websites to get started and these companies’ massive size makes it easy for websites to grow as they become more popular.

These virtually taught classes are so engaging, my son really enjoys them and is so excited to show us the coding projects he has completed on all 3 levels of Scratch Ninja. We will definitely be signing him up for more classes and thoroughly recommend Create & Learn to other parents.

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Amazing instructor. Can really keep my daughter engaged in a fun way. Thanks to Create & Learn my daughter's tech scores have skyrocketed at school.

Bhavi P.
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Amazing virtual classes that taught my son about coding. He has taken 3 classes and he loves them all. They have some really good programs. I would definitely recommend this website and I plan to sign him up for more classes.

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