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Artificial Intelligence For Kids

Artificial Intelligence For Kids

Artificial intelligence for kids is the art of teaching computers how to "think." Students become the designer of the computer “brain” through coding and programming. Artificial intelligence is the way of the future and allows students to become creators of the latest technology. Data science is a necessary part of this process, too!
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What is artificial intelligence for kids?

Artificial intelligence is the training process of making a computer learn. Students can train computers through programming, training processes, and testing. This progressive method of learning allows students to be the architects of their own worlds. Students can program games, design art, and even program robots! Examples of data science and AI are robot vacuums, Siri, and Alexa. Artificial intelligence explained simply is programming computers to learn. Fun examples of machine learning are Netflix, video games, and self-driving cars.

Why artificial intelligence classes for kids work

The best way to learn artificial intelligence is through immersion. Students learn through creating and machine learning is taught through doing. In classes, students should be diving into technologies to test, train, and create models of machine learning.

Online classes are excellent for machine learning, since students need access to their computer to participate. Online courses allow students to have access to the best teachers in the world through Zoom. Students can collaborate with anyone through these courses and can learn with students worldwide as they collaborate via technology.

Create & Learn classes do the best job in creating collaborative machine learning environments. Students are provided with a strong conceptual background plus immersive experiences with progressive AI technologies. The well-rounded courses provided by Create & Learn are the best in the field. Students act as creatives, programmers, and designers while learning about high-tech softwares in the field.

The best artificial intelligence courses

The best artificial intelligence classes are interactive, creative, and hands-on. Machine learning for middle schoolers is multifaceted and provides children with unique, challenging experiences. Data science is infused in these courses to create the training process for the AI technologies.

Create & Learn's artificial intelligence for kids

Create and Learn's classes are unique because of the Machine Learning Activity involved. All classes involve a machine learning activity where students program an AI game from start to finish. Create & Learn's classes also use an inquiry-based learning approach, so students not only learn the "what", but also the "how" and the "why" - making it easier to understand and apply their learning in the future to real-world problems.

Create & Learn's artificial intelligence classes

AI Explorers

Grades 4-7
Discover How Self-Driving Cars, Face Recognition, and Other Advanced Technologies Work With AI For Kids

AI Creators - Computer Vision (Semi-Private)

Grades 6-12
Start mastering machine learning & create AI apps with Python!

Hello Tech!

Grades 2-5
Learn how technology shapes our work and play

Frequently Asked Questions

Can children learn artificial intelligence?

Children can learn artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence can be taught conceptually and immersively, thus allowing extensive entry points for any child. Despite the complexity of the topic, children can all learn AI.

How do I teach my child AI?

AI can be taught through exposure to progressive technologies. Children are curious and love learning new things. When you see a new AI, show it to your child. Ask them about it. How do they think it works?

What are the 3 types of AI?

There are three different types of AI. We have the seeing AI, the talking AI, and the creative AI. Seeing AI have vision capabilities through sensors and training. Talking AIs have the ability to respond to human inputs. And creative AI has many applications in art, music, and more!

These virtually taught classes are so engaging, my son really enjoys them and is so excited to show us the coding projects he has completed on all 3 levels of Scratch Ninja. We will definitely be signing him up for more classes and thoroughly recommend Create & Learn to other parents.

Amanda E.
Create & Learn Parent

Amazing instructor. Can really keep my daughter engaged in a fun way. Thanks to Create & Learn my daughter's tech scores have skyrocketed at school.

Bhavi P.
Create & Learn Parent

Amazing virtual classes that taught my son about coding. He has taken 3 classes and he loves them all. They have some really good programs. I would definitely recommend this website and I plan to sign him up for more classes.

Create & Learn Parent