Fill your summer with tons of fun and adventure! Check out virtual summer camps for kids and teens in STEM, art, coding, game design, and much more. These camps are designed by experts from Google, Stanford, and MIT, and each class is led live online by an experience instructor. Classes are small groups of 5 students max, to ensure each child gets the personalized attention and guidance they need to succeed.

Keep your child engaged and learning throughout summer. Here are some of the most popular camps for toddlers, elementary school kids, middle school kids, and high school students.

Online STEM summer camps

Explore fun STEM camps and science camps for kids ages 5-18.

1. Scratch Ninja Camp

Scratch Ninja is a beginner-friendly coding camp that teaches kids essential coding concepts with an easy to understand drag-and-drop coding language designed by MIT. What's unique about it is that very quickly kids are able to create cool animations and games.

Grades 2-5

For younger students K-1 try Scratch Junior, and for older students in grades 6+ try Accelerated Scratch.


In this class kids learn a wide range of topics related to space science and NASA, and practice other STEM skills. In each session, they will learn cool new things about rockets, Mars, the International Space Station, the Solar System, and a lot more, then build small projects and play games sometimes to make it fun and strengthen the learning.

Grades 1-4

3. Atom Secrets Camp

Join a fun and engaging introduction to the fields of Chemistry and Quantum Physics! The course introduces students to 54 atomic elements, while exploring advanced concepts such as electron orbitals, covalent and ionic molecular bonds, and the structural organization of the Periodic Table.

Grades 2-6

Online coding summer camps

Explore fun online coding summer camps for kids ages 5+.

4. Minecraft Modding Camp

In this cool Minecraft camp you'll learn core coding concepts, while building cool structures, spawning animals, mini-games, and even making multiplayer experiences.

Grades 2-5

5. Python for AI

Python is a high-level coding language used by companies such as Netflix and Google, and it is also used for web development, game development, building apps, machine learning, and so much more. This Python coding camp is a great starting place for teens who've already done some prior coding, such as Scratch coding. There's even a free intro session you can begin with!

Grades 5-9

6. Internet Safety Camp

Learn all about computer security and how to use the internet safely. This is the most exciting cybersecurity class for kids with real-world applications, delivered through a combination of project and inquiry-based learning. Students will enjoy fun videos, games, and security tools, as well as building projects of their own.

Grades 2-5

7. Smart Devices for Kids Camp

We are surrounded by electronics: smartphones, computers, TVs, robots, and more! While lots of students have learned to code, few have had the opportunity to build a physical system, which opens up a brand new world. In this virtual camp, students are introduced to circuit and Arduino, one of the most popular single-board devices.

Grades 4-6

8. Mobile Coding for Apps

Every year, billions of apps are downloaded to mobile phones. However, building high-quality mobile apps has been beyond reach to younger coders. But not any more! In this camp students learn event-driven programming and how to create fun mobile apps from scratch.

Grades 4-7

9. Meta's Engineer for the Week with Create & Learn

Have fun learning how to code, and design your own project in Scratch for social good in this free camp! Students have fun learning beginner-friendly coding and build a final project for a social issue they care about. Plus, they'll get their project reviewed by Meta employees, and receive a Certificate of Completion!

Ages 11-18 and we are especially excited to serve historically underrepresented learners in STEM who identify as Black, LatinX, Native/Indigenous, Female-Identifying, and students who are in low-income communities. No prior coding experience is needed.

Virtual art camps

Check our fun online art camps for kids and teens, from character illustration to launching your own online art store.

10. Budding Digital Artist

In this series of classes, kids learn a wide range of digital art topics and basic techniques. Do art with AI, make your own emojis, learn color theory, paint with music, and much more.

Grades 1-4

11. Canva Digital Design Camp

Create beautiful graphic designs and edit amazing videos with beginner-friendly Canva. Learn about how to upload or search pictures and elements in Canva, and explore a wide range of fonts, sizes, and effects, before learning how to drag and drop design elements and animate them.

Grades 3-6

12. CalColor Academy Digital Illustration Camps

Discover the most beloved kids art camps from CalColor Academy, the largest professional art school in Silicon Valley. Your student's creativity will be nurtured in all of their classes covering subjects such as character illustration, family portraits, virtual reality, how to set up your own online art store, and much more.

Grades 4-9

Game design summer camps

Learn game development for kids this summer!

13. Roblox Coding Camp

Create your own Roblox world and games using Roblox Studio with coding. Through a combination of configuring and scripting, create your own game world using a built-in 3D design tool and coding the interactions with the world. There's even a free intro session you can try!

Grades 4-8

14. Minecraft Camp for Teens

Learning to code games, stories, and cool buildings, and find out how to bring them to life in Minecraft. Students will also learn more advanced modding techniques in Minecraft and build both single player and multi-play games.

Grades 5-9

15. Unity Game Development Camp

This series of Unity camps (the program behind Angry Birds!) teaches high school students the core techniques of developing both 2D and 3D games in Unity. It covers a wide range of topics from character control, coding (in C#), to asset management, all in a small group setting led by a live expert instructor.

Grades 6-12

AP-Level online tech program camps for teens

16. Java Primer with Android Camp

Students will learn the basics of Java syntax, before moving on to mastering important programming concepts such as ArrayLists and Object-Oriented Programming and building fun projects. Plus, learn advanced Java concepts such as 2-D Arrays and Sets, and create games and Android apps for their games.

Grades 6-12

17. Computer Science Principles

In this Computer Science Principles camp, students get introduced to a wide range of important fundamental topics in computer science such as binary, encryption, networking, and more. It is a great step for learning more about system and architectural aspects of computers. Developed by expert AP computer science educators, this class also meets the requirements for the APCSP exam as defined by the College Board.

Grades 6-12

18. Website Coding Camp

Students learn the core building blocks of web pages, including HTML and CSS, as well as how the Internet works in this fun online camp. Students will build their very first fan website featuring some of their favorite things!

Grades 5-9

More virtual summer camps for kids and teens

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What is a virtual summer camp?

A virtual summer camp is an online session held via live video, such as Zoom. During the camp, instructors guide children and teens through learning and having fun. Virtual camps can help kids build physical fitness, improve their creativity, learn new skills, prepare for future careers, or brush up on all sorts of school subjects.  

Create & Learn's online virtual summer camps provide a structured learning path, and live expert instruction to keep students excited and advancing. In a small group setting, your student can collaborate with others, and be confident in asking for help or any questions that arise. Instant feedback from an instructor can keep them moving through their projects and having fun, rather than getting too frustrated. Our camps are held weekly and bi-weekly at a multitude of times for anywhere from 50 minutes to 70 minutes per session. Pick a schedule that works best for you!

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