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AP Computer Science Java Class

Introduction to Java that also maps to AP Computer Science Java (APCSA) requirements.
  • Grades 6-12
  • 2-6 students group class
  • 90 minutes per session
  • Live online class
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APCSA Course

This rigorous Java class introduces students to software engineering and object-oriented programming and design using the Java programming language. This curriculum covers a broad range of topics, including the design of solutions to problems, the use of data structures to organize large sets of data, the development and implementation of algorithms to process data and discover new information, the analysis of potential solutions, and the ethical and social implications of computing systems.

The class will also thoroughly prepare students for the AP CSA exams offered by the College Board.  In the last 10 year, the number of highschool/middle school students taking the AP CSA exam has grown almost 900%, by far, the fastest growing AP exam. It is a strong indicator of growing interests in Computer Science. 

Our AP CSA class uses APCSA curriculum because it is certified by College Board. This is the very first time we are using a 3rd party curriculum. The Lead Curriculum Developer at for APCSA is in fact Teacher Jamila, who also works with us on curriculum. Having worked with Jamila extensively, we know she is not only an expert on teaching Java, but also very much aligned with us on principles of creativity, project based learning, and making real world connections in CS learning. We can't wait to start this great program with your child. 

  • In Part I, students will complete 16 sessions of 90 min classes covering Object-Oriented Programming, Class Structure and Design, Arrays and Algorithms, Conditions and Logic, and Two-Dimensional Arrays. Here are the highlights: Object-Oriented Programming - Learn fundamental Java concepts, discover their identity as software engineers, and use debugging strategies and code reviews to improve their programming skills. Class Structure and Design - Students develop an understanding of data encapsulation and object-oriented design decisions. Arrays and Algorithms - Students use one-dimensional (1D) arrays to store lists of primitive values and object references. Conditions and Logic - Students improve decision-making in their programs using relational and logical operators to evaluate primitive values and object references and use the Math class to perform calculations and generate random numbers.

  • Part II includes another 16 sessions of 90min classes. Students will finish the entire set of content as required by College Board for AP CSA exam. Some highlights of the content include - Two-Dimensional Arrays - Students use two-dimensional (2D) arrays to expand storage and organization capabilities in their programs, static methods and the Math class, creating image filters, arrayLists and algorithms, working with strings, as well as basic natural language processing techniques.

  • $1254 $1,003.20

     20% Off
    (32 Sessions)
  • Computer - Mac
    Windows PC
  • Need to have good understanding of Python (maps to our Python for AI Unit 1 - 3).

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