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Best coding for kids, AI, and Robotics classes for grades k-2. Learn Scratch junior coding, and digital design. Small group or private tutoring online classes. Top curriculum, awesome teachers, highest rated by parents, and affordable. More advanced than Tynker,, Codecombat, Codespark.

Grades K-2

Learn the basics of coding and Robotic using Scratch Junior, and NASA Science. Discover how computers power our daily life.
Popular Pathways

All Beginner to Advanced Classes for Grades K-2

Start with foundation classes, choose intermediate classes based on interests, complete advanced classes for ambitious learners.

  • Scratch Junior
    Scratch Junior
    Most Beginners Start Here

    Start coding with ScratchJr, and make interactive stories and games

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    • Budding Digital Artist
      Budding Digital Artist

      Have fun being creative and make interesting digital art projects

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    • NASA STEM Club
      NASA STEM Club

      Explore the mysteries of outer space science with fun projects

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    Best Computer Classes for Grades k-2

    Reviews by Parents on Facebook and Outschool

    Huimin Y (parents @ outchool)
    Thank you for this class. My son loved it very much and every time after class, he always excited to show me how he did his project. Very exciting!
    Kerri M
    Kristy is a very positive teacher with very clear expectations and steps for what my children were supposed to do. I also had a quick learner and a young learner and she was able to adjust her teaching to fit both. I'm a teacher trainer for SpEd and just saw so many great qualities in Kristy. I’d sign up for all of her classes! She made a very new experience fun and memorable - and leaving my kids wanting more. I couldn't have asked for a better class.
    Liz L. (parents @ outschool)
    My daughter thought this course was amazing and taught her lots of new concepts.
    Parul S.
    The first class gave a good overview of coding concepts to my 8 year old. Although she has done coding before but she still learnt a lot. She looks forward to more classes.