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We partner with schools and educators to make computer science accessible to all students through a variety of service options. From AI based curriculum training software, to live online tutoring and classes taught by experienced computer science teachers, we have solutions tailored to your needs. Get started in just a matter of days.

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We support a wide variety of popular CS platforms

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Everything Schools Need For Students To Succeed With CS

Here are some popular scenarios that we can help. Get in touch today to help your students discover the magic in technology!

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Expand Class Variety

Want more electives that students are excited about, but don’t have the staff to support them? We have expertise on a rich set of topics such as AI, Data Science, Game Development, that represent the most promising future opportunities.

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Support More Students for CS

Don't have enough teachers to meet student demand for your intro to Computer Science or AP CS classes? Our teachers can teach alongside your staff to offer additional sessions so more students can enroll in CS classes.

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Get Teachers An Assistant

Are teachers over stretched and don’t have time to grade assignments quickly, hold office hours, or give students much needed help? Our teachers can assist with a variety of tasks so your teachers can focus on the most critical parts for student success.

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Jumpstart a CS Program

Want to start offering a Computer Science program or begin teaching computer science systematically? We can help plan CS curriculum pathways, train teachers, and partner with you to get it off the ground.

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Start an Enrichment Program

Looking for flexible and affordable ways to offer additional learning opportunities beyond regular school hours? Our rich set of topics will surely delight your students and motivate them to learn more.

Getting Started Is Easy With Plug-And-Play School Programs

We are proud to support schools worldwide a variety of services from online live instruction, teacher assistance, to AI based curriculum training. Evaluate the levels of service that match your school’s needs, and get in touch.

AIthena - AI Powered Teaching Companion

A powerful AI tool that provides highly customized help as teachers prepare for classes. Guides teachers through lesson plans, helps preparing class materials, and answers any questions teaches might have.

Teaching Assistants

Your teachers do the lecturing, we will assist your staff on other teaching tasks such as grading homework, holding tutoring sessions and more, so more students can be properly supported.


Ideal for onboarding new CS teachers. Our teachers teach first while your in-person teacher observes. After some time, the two switch. Our teacher will continue to offer support until on-site teacher is fully trained.

Full Teaching Service

We take on everything a regular in-person teacher would do, such as lecturing, homework grading, administrating tests, and more. This is the easiest way to grow your CS program quickly, experiment with new curriculum, or simply fill an urgent gap.

Enjoy An Award-Winning Comprehensive Computer Science Curriculum for K-12

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Teach Computer Science Confidently With AIthena for Teachers

Teach Computer Science Confidently With AIthena for Teachers

A powerful AI tool that provides highly customized help as teachers prepare for classes. Guides teachers through lesson plans, helps prepare class materials, and answers any questions teachers might have.

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