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Data Analytics Pandas Class for Teens

Data Science with Python, Pandas, and ChatGPT Class

Learn data science with Python and Pandas
  • Grades 5-12
  • 2-3 students group class
  • 75 minutes per session
  • Live online class
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Learn data analytics with the basics of Pandas

Data analytics is critical to the success of modern businesses, and can be really fun to learn for kids and teens. No matter whether your student wants to become an entrepreneur, a lawyer, a journalist, a doctor, or an engineer, it is important for them to gain the power to analyze and utilize and the data to gain business insights and make decisions.

Pandas + Python is a powerful combination that will help your child understand the foundation of Data Science and explore an exciting field.Pandas is a fast, powerful, and flexible open source data analysis and manipulation tool.  It is easy to use and yet covers the most foundational features needed for analyzing data end to end. It also is a great way to apply and gain more Python skills.

(New Summer 2023!) We have revamped this class by integrating ChatGPT as part of the learning process to help students debug, understand new concepts, and discover new features of Pandas on their own with assistance from ChatGPT. With the powerful ChatGPT AI technology, students can learn faster and deliver more powerful and efficient code.

This course teaches students the fundamentals of Pandas. Students will be learning and practicing throughout the class and will also complete a capstone project using a dataset they have identified themselves. 

  • Data Analytics with Python and Pandas
  • Data Analytics with Python and Pandas

    In this class, we will start with the introduction to data science and the purpose and features of the Pandas library. Then we move on to learn about techniques of data cleaning, data processing, and data analytics. (New summer 2023) We have incorporated ChatGPT AI throughout the class to teach students how to use ChatGPT as an effective way to develop higher quality code, explore beyond what classes can teach, and a lot more.

    In the capstone project, we will practice and apply all the knowledge and techniques to students' own dataset. Students will also explore data visualization using basic graphs and charts in Pandas and the best practices. Finally, students will complete the analytics, visualization, and presentation of their own final capstone projects. With effective use of ChatGPT, students can create more advanced capstone projects as well.

  • $292$262.80

    10% Off(6 Sessions)
    2.8125 class pack credits
  • Students need to have completed Python for AI Part III or equivalent to take this class.

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