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Online Python Class for Kids

Python for AI Class

Learn a real-world programming language, with a focus on AI
  • Grades 5-12
  • 2-5 students group class
  • 70 minutes per session
  • Live online class
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Join a fun Python course for kids

Are you interested in giving your child a head start in the world of coding? Look no further than Create & Learn's Python for AI class for students in grades 5-12. Python unlocks a realm of programming possibilities!

Python stands as a high-level coding language favored by industry giants such as Netflix and Google. It finds applications in web development, game design, app creation, machine learning, and much more. Our live online Python class for kids not only covers the fundamentals of Python coding, but also places a strong emphasis on the elements of Python most relevant to Artificial Intelligence, including data structures and libraries. If your middle or high schooler is keen on exploring advanced computer science and diving into one of the most sought-after programming languages, this small group class is the ideal starting point.

New: We have incorporated ChatGPT throughout our Python curriculum to help students debug, learn new content, and brainstorm ideas by working with ChatGPT, so they can learn better and more effectively. In addition, students who sign up for our Python class also receive 6 months of free access to our Python Skill Builder, an AI-based tool that helps students continue to practice their new skills after class.

  • Free Intro to Python Coding
  • In this free Python coding class, students will take their first dive into coding with Python. We will transition from block coding, which they learned in Scratch, to text-based coding. Students will learn how to animate and draw with Python, and will build their own story project to create a cool animation. Like all of our small group classes, this online Python for kids class is led by an experienced teacher. Join us, learn, and have fun!

  • Part 1 - Python for AI - 1
  • Python for AI - 1

    In this first part of our Python coding course, we start to learn core concepts of Python syntax, loops, data types, variables, and a lot more. We will build a smooth transition for kids to up-level from block coding such as Scratch, to Python's text-based coding. Students will learn fundamental Python skills as they build creative stories, animations, and games. Basic topics will include using Python syntax, variables, loops, functions, and built-in data structures.

  • Part 2 - Python for AI - 2
  • Python for AI - 2

    In part 2 of our Python coding course, students will begin using Python for AI and data science. We will explore more advanced programing elements of Python such as dictionaries and files, and learn how to employ Python’s powerful modules to build games, stories, and real-world data projects.

  • Part 3 - Python for AI - 3
  • Python for AI - 3

    Part 3 covers a good amount of advanced Python coding for kids. Students will be introduced to object-oriented programming, and learn how to use Python classes and objects to complete more complex games and applications.

  • Part 4 - Python for AI - 4
  • Python for AI - 4

    In this final part of our Python programming course for kids, students will be introduced to more advanced Python concepts, including data structures such as 2D arrays, as well as using new modules and the API for an AI system. Students will also become creators of their own independent Python projects. By the end of the course, they will design and code their own Python program from scratch. To help them prepare, students will practice reading code written by other people and leveraging the Python documentation, to accomplish new things that are not covered by the teacher during class.

Featured Teacher

Sarah Rappaport

Sarah Rappaport

BS/Masters in Materials Science and Engineering. Sarah's original passion for the creative sciences stemmed from legos, which she'd use to build huge projects which ate up the entire living room. Today, as an engineer and educator with several years of experience in both disciplines, Sarah can both teach coding and contextualize it. She is passionate about all things STEM, and can't wait to see what you build!
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  • For students grades 6 or lower, extensive prior coding experiences in platforms like Scratch are required. For grades 7 or older, you can start with Python without prior coding experiences, as long as you are willing to spend some moderate amount of extra time to practice.

Kids & Parents Love Our Classes

Highly recommend - one of the best coding classes so far! My kid loves it. The Create & Learn team is very helpful in working out options & schedules....& go out of their way to work things out. I give it 5 stars any day!

Shruthi T.

Very good course. It is the first time for my child to participate in this course. It is very novel and interesting. The teacher is very good. My child likes it very much.

Qing Q.

The teacher was very clear in his expression and provided help when the students needed it. The content of this Python class series looks attracting to me. After the class I asked my kid's feeling about the class, who told me it was so much fun. I will consider registering for a camp or another online course.

Yuan Z.

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Can a kid learn Python?

Yes, kids at grades 5 and above can learn Python. In our classes and Python camps, students in grade 5 through grade 12 learn Python via project-based and inquiry-based methods to ensure concepts stick and that they have fun! Kids will quickly pick up the basics. And Python is a wonderful course to level up to after they’ve mastered the basics of coding via Scratch and a couple of other courses such as Arduino for KidsMobile Coding for Games & Apps, and Minecraft coding.

Is Python good for beginners?

Python is good for beginners in upper middle school or high school. It is an approachable text-based programming language and is widely used in many applications such as AI and Data Science. It is also often the first text-based coding languages for many people. For younger beginners in elementary schools, we recommend starting with Scratch coding which is more engaging and quicker to master.

What is the right age to learn Python?

Kids as young as age 11 or even younger could start learning Python. However, we often ask parents to consider their kids interests first and foremost. Python is a tool. There are many better coding tools to build what our kids want to do. If your kid is young and wants to build animations and games, then we recommend starting with Scratch. If they want to build games for Minecraft, then try Minecraft coding. If your child loves tinkering and building, then go with Arduino and Robotics. If they are ready to tackle text-based programming then Python for kids is a great language to learn. Get started with our free Python class.

What should my kid do after taking the Python classes? How do they keep practicing?

Great question. It is important to keep building computational thinking and coding skills. We have a Python Skill Builder where the projects maps to our curriculum. Students can create a variety of new projects with assistant from an AI coach.

More than simply practicing Python, we highly encourage students to keep building on their skills, for example learn how to use Python to do Data Science/Data Analytics, or create Artificial Intelligence systems. These are highly in-demand skills and students can apply these skills to school/science fair projects as well.

Many students also take AP Principles and AP CSA (Java) classes and finish the exams in 8th or 9th grade.

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