Online courses can be a great resource for students who are looking for an introduction to coding. Students can find a subject area they’re passionate about and explore it alongside their peers, all while working with excellent instructors. However, it won’t always be smooth sailing, so sometimes kids may need extra support along the way. You may be wondering then- what kind of support is available for kids in online coding classes? There are multiple common ways for students to receive support in high-quality online programs, which you can learn about below.

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Discover what kind of support is available for kids in online coding classes

Below are examples of support that are typical of online coding classes, like those offered by Create & Learn.

1. In-Class Q&A

Kids enrolled in live, online classes will have direct access to their teacher during lessons. This offers kids the chance to receive immediate feedback, ask questions as they come up, and get further examples from instructors. This is the best way students can receive support, as they can get help right as they need it. Plus, students are able to learn from their peers’ questions and answers during the class.

2. Live Code Review

Code reviews are the best way to improve code quality (even professionals do it). During live courses, teachers are able to help students revise their code in real-time. Live reviews are helpful because they allow the teacher to explain why code can be improved, watch the student correct their code, and answer any questions kids have about the feedback. These dynamic interactions are more informative than grading code and sending the mistakes back to kids to fix on their own.

3. Google Classroom

The age-old adage “practice makes perfect” applies to coding just as it does any other learned skill. After each class, instructors will post a review of the content learned that day, as well as a handful of exercises to practice before the next class. Attempting these exercises will reinforce previously taught skills, as well as expose weaknesses a student may have. Whether or not the student fully completes the exercises, they will have a better idea of what questions to ask in the next course, and will thus improve more quickly.

4. Email Teacher

Create & Learn allows parents to message their teachers with questions. Emailing teachers directly can be a good choice for students who are uncomfortable asking questions during a live class (see also: private courses). It’s also helpful in case questions come up with homework, or if your kid was struggling with a certain concept from the class.

5. Free Class Transfer

Sometimes, a course might not be the right fit for a kid. The students may be missing prerequisites, be too young for the course, or even simply dislike that particular style of coding! Check to see if the company offering the course in which your child is enrolled has a satisfaction guarantee. For example, if a student realizes a course is a poor fit during the first session, Create & Learn will transfer students to a different course at no extra cost by contacting our support team.

What to do if your student is struggling with their coding class

When your student is struggling, the best starting point is the course instructor. Speak with your student to try and figure out the particular topic they’re confused by, then email the instructor with questions or concerns. If, after a few classes, your child still finds they are struggling, they may benefit from private instruction. This will give them ample opportunities to ask questions and receive individualized feedback from an instructor. At Create & Learn, you may fill out a request for a private class via the link on this page.

Take advantage of the support available for kids in online coding classes

Regardless of the struggles your child may have while taking online coding classes, there will be support options available to them. Of course, beyond getting help with the course materials, it also takes confidence to persevere through the challenge of coding courses. You can check out this article for some ideas for building confidence in kids as well. Or, if your kid is ready to dive into the world of coding, why not try out one of Create & Learn’s free introduction classes such as beginner-friendly Scratch Ninja or Minecraft Engineering.

Written by Create & Learn instructor Dominic Occhietti. Dominic is a graduate of Michigan State University, where he studied music performance and computer science. He thoroughly enjoys teaching, whether that be coding classes, French horn lessons, or even downhill skiing lessons!