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Art Entrepreneurship for Kids

Art Entrepreneurship for Kids

Art Entrepreneurship Class

Learn how to open your first design store online

Join the best art entrepreneurship class

Does your child like making art and want to open an online design store? Our Art Entrepreneurship Class presented in partnership with CalColor Academy, the premier professional art school, will teach students how to create digital designs for different products to open their own design online store - an awesome Redbubble shop. Students will learn how to create a design pipeline, and master design principles, and idea research and development. They'll also discover a new digital art tool: Procreate, and learn drawing through fun hands-on projects.

Grades 6-9

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Sticker Pack Design

  • Grades 6-9
  • In this class, students will learn to create a set of spot illustrations and turns them to sticker.
  • 3 Sessions
    85 minutes per session
  • $90
  • 2-8 students group class
  • Apple Pencil, Procreate App, and iPad.

Pattern Design

  • Grades 6-9
  • In this class, student will learn to create spot illustration and turns them to pattern design. Students will also learn to open their online pattern store.
  • 3 Sessions
    85 minutes per session
  • $90
  • 2-8 students group class
  • Apple Pencil, Procreate App, and iPad.

What equipment do you recommend?
We recommend iPad, apple pencil, and Procreate app ($9.99).

Can I use the stylus instead of the Apple Pencil?

Most of the stylus do not have the pen pressure sensitivities. Pen pressure sensitivities is one of the most important factor to create nice artwork. However, you can use stylus as long as the one has the pen pressure sensitivities.

Can I use other free digital art application to take the class?

Yes, but it might not have the same tools we will introduce in class. Or you may need to watch ad in order to use the app which might easily make kids distracted.

Can my kid take the class with no experience?

Yes, the class is open to all levels.

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