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Welcome to Create & Learn Open Classes! Here you will find upcoming events and recordings of previous events by tech experts from top companies. Theses unique events cover state of art technologies and are specifically design to be kids friendly.

Your child will learn about many exciting technologies and how they are applied in the real world such as in the movie industry, health care, consumer products, game creations, and more. Curious about what happens behind the scene when we play Minecraft or watch videos, or how scientists solve the puzzles and design cures for diseases, or how computers help space travel? Join us for the events or watch videos and have fun!

Saving the World with Supercomputers!
Saving the World with Supercomputers!
  • Grades 4-10
  • Computers are helping us solve many toughest problems in the world from understanding climate change, environmental impacts, expansion of the universe, to decoding viruses like COVID19. The toughest problems need more powerful computers, in fact, they need supercomputers! So what's a supercomputer? No, it doesn't have a cape. :) How does it work? And most importantly, what problems can it solve? In this talk, one of the top experts, Prof. Yelick from UC Berkeley, will introduce you to the fascinating field of Supercomputers and the powerful things they can deliver. Prof. Yelick received her PhD degree in Computer Science in MIT. She is a professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences at Berkeley and the Associate Laboratory Director for Computing Sciences at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.
  • 60 Minutes Per Session

  • Max Enrollment: 500 Students
Saturday, December 12, 2020
6:30 PM, Coordinated Universal Time

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Recordings of Past Events

Coding Behind Your Favorite Sports

Bret Myers - Data Science Professor; Lauren Mauel - Coding Teacher, Swimming Coach & Sports Analyst

Coding Games in Roblox

Peter Wonica - Game Design and Computer Science Curriculum Developer at Roblox

Secrets of Creating UC Berkeley in Minecraft

If your have trouble joining the Zoom, you can also join the class via the Facebook Live at

Meet Unity - The Most Popular Game Development Platform

Dan Miller - Senior VR/AR Evangelist at Unity

Secrets of Creating MIT in Minecraft

Explore Robotics & AI in NASA

Dr. Jeremy Frank - Group Lead at NASA

The Most Popular Robotics Competition in the World - VEX

If the class time does not fit your schedule, you can also sign up to get the recording after the class.

Special Event: UC Berkeley Campus Tour in Minecraft

How can robots help us: especially now

Chris Atkeson - Professor in the Robotics Institute and Human-Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon University

From Blockbuster Movies to Artificial Intelligence - Learn the Power of GPU

May Casterline - Ph.D, Senior Data Scientist from NVIDIA

OpenVaccine Game

Karen Tolentino - Researcher, Dr. Howard Chang’s Lab at Stanford University

Pixar in a Box: The Computer Science Behind the Movies

Tony DeRose - Former Senior Scientist, Pixar Animation Studios. Two-time Oscar winner.


Ashkhen Zakharyan - Aiva

How Does Your Phone Pack Them All?

James Kung - Android Developer at Google

Internet: Magic behind the scenes

Winnie Lam - Director / Global Client Lead, Google.

Art & Science in Our Online Life Data

Elijah Meeks - Data Visualization Engineer, Apple. Executive Director, Data Visualization Society