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C++ Class for Teens

C++ Essentials for Teens Class

Learn C++ essentials to unlock a world of possibilities
  • Grades 6-12
  • 2-3 students group class
  • 70 minutes per session
  • Live online class
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Join an online C++ course for teens

C++ is a powerful, high-performance programming language widely used in software development, game development, systems programming, and more. Our C++ Essential for Teens course is designed for students in grades 6-12 who have completed our Python for AI course (or equivalent). It builds on students' Python knowledge to help them quickly grasp C++ concepts.

In these fun C++ classes, students will learn not only core elements of the C++ programming language, but also take their first steps in algorithms such as sort and search. Algorithms are the essential components of all large scale computer systems in real world.

Because of its efficiency and performance, C++ is the programming language of choices for many popular applications:

  • Software Development: Major applications like Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office, and web browsers like Google Chrome.

  • Game Development: Popular games such as World of Warcraft and Unreal Engine are developed using C++.

  • System/Embedded Programming: Operating systems like Windows, real-time systems, and embedded software for IoT devices.

  • High-Performance Applications: Financial modeling, simulations, and performance-critical applications.

As with all of our classes, we employ project-based learning and inquiry-based education. Students will build fun projects in every single class with a small group of fellow students and an experienced teacher online. There will be lots of interactions and personalized guidance.

Join us to expand your programming skills and unlock new possibilities with C++!

  • Part 1 - C++ Core Language Elements
  • C++ Core Language Elements

    In Part 1, we lay the foundation for mastering C++ by focusing on its core language elements. Students will start by learning about variables and data types, essential for storing and manipulating information. Next, we delve into loops and conditionals, which enable efficient and logical control flow in programs. We'll then explore functions, the building blocks for structuring and organizing code. Additionally, students will learn about arrays and vectors, powerful tools for handling collections of data. By the end of this part, students will have a solid grasp of fundamental C++ concepts, setting the stage for more advanced topics.

  • Part 2 - Data Structures and Intro to Algorithms
  • Data Structures and Intro to Algorithms

    In Part 2, students will dive into more advanced topics, starting with essential data structures like linked lists. Additionally, students will get an introduction to fundamental search and sort algorithms, which are key to efficient data processing. We will also cover high level tree and graph concepts as well as their broad applications. We'll then introduce Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), a crucial paradigm in C++ that helps organize and manage complex code through classes and objects. All classes are project-based, ensuring that students apply their knowledge by building fun and engaging projects, solidifying their understanding through hands-on experience.

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    Grades 2-4

    Which programming languages we should take and in what order?

    At Create & Learn, we offer four different text-based programming language classes:

    These are also the most popular programming languages in the industry as well. You can see a detailed comparison between them in the picture below. We recommend most of students start from Python, which is easy to learn and has broad applications especially in AI and data science. Many students take Java class as well for the AP CSA exam to help them stand out among college applicants. If your students are interested in joining advanced robotics teams in highschool, C or C++ is typically the language of choice. C++ is also the best option for competitive programming such as USACO. Our C++ class also covers intro to algorithms. Javascript is needed if your child wants to learn web development.

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