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Code Mobile Apps Class for Kids

Mobile Coding for Apps and Games Class

Create powerful mobile apps and games with professional block coding platform Thunkable
  • Grades 5-10
  • 2-3 students group class
  • 55 minutes per session
  • Live online class
Trial Class $15 Only

Make mobile apps with fun classes for kids

Learn how to code mobile apps in small, live group sessions. Every year, many billions of apps are downloaded to mobile phones. However, building high quality mobile apps has been beyond reach to younger coders. But not any more!

Throughout this course, students will learn how to create fun apps and games for mobile devices. It is also a great way deepen your child's computational thinking skills and learn how to apply key coding concepts in different scenarios.

The class uses Thunkable, a block based programming platform for professionals. It is easy to use, yet very powerful, and is used by many to develop commercial applications. Some key things student will learn about mobile programming are:

  • Design layout and UI of mobile applications

  • Enable various UI elements for display information, data inputs, and event handling

  • Use different mobile features such as device sensors, touch screen, gyroscope, camera, and more

  • Build  projects and fun games that involve image recognition, popular use cases, and fun activities. 

  • Create complex  applications that involve networking  and multi-user apps!

  • Learn advanced cloud computing concepts such as cloud variables, cloud storage of image data, Airtable, Firebase, and authentication.

After taking this class, you child will be comfortable with building a wide range of mobile games and apps, and can apply them to various school projects, science challenges and competitions, and even build a simple app for a real business. A great competition to participate after this class is the Congressional App Challenge held by US Congress every year.

Students should have taken Scratch Ninja or Accelerated Scratch class, before taking this class. The class is also suitable for students who have take Python and/or Javascript classes, because of the Mobile programming and Cloud Computing elements.

  • Intro to Building Mobile Apps
  • Build your very first mobile app in this fun-filled introduction class and open up a brand new world of possibilities for your child in learning computer science. Students will start learning how to design the layout of mobile apps and code the active components to build a riddle game with live instruction. This class will also give your child a sense of what it is like to go deeper in developing mobile apps. Sign up for this trial class with an average of 5 students per class!

  • Part 1 - Mobile Coding for Apps and Games 1
  • Mobile Coding for Apps and Games 1
    In this course, students will learn the basics of the mobile programming environment and how to code their very own apps. They will explore how to employ text, device sensors, and even the camera to build projects and games that involve image recognition, word games, and riddles!
  • Part 2 - Mobile Coding for Apps and Games 2
  • Mobile Coding for Apps and Games 2
    This unit will build on mobile and computational concepts from the first unit. Students will learn how to build more complex and fun game applications, as well as networking and multi-user apps!
  • Part 3 - Mobile Coding for Apps and Games 3
  • Mobile Coding for Apps and Games 3
    In this level, we will build 2 fun games, including a multiplayer game, as well as a cool app for you to store our favorite items. The advanced mobile coding concepts we are learning include cloud variables, storing image data, arrays, and more.

Featured Teacher

Amanda Hendrix

Amanda Hendrix

Amanda Hendrix is an instructor with 10 years of teaching experience, and she also holds a Masters in Educational Leadership, and a BS in Elementary Education. In each one of her classes, students are able to apply their coding skills whether they are beginners or experienced learners. Students in a small group setting, which gives her more time to address student's individual needs and creativity. Each child will be able to develop their own personalized project through the variety of class stages. She has taught Gifted and Talented students for ten years in grades second through fifth. She has taught a variety of coding programs and STEM classes that have allowed her to witness the personal growth of students' knowledge of computer science through creativity and exploring. She believes that coding is an important part of our future and that it is beneficial for students to be familiar with the skill.
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    2-3 students group class
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  • Computer - Mac
    Windows PC
    Optional Mobile Phone
  • You will need a computer to take this class. (Chromebook is ok). A phone is needed if you would like to run the apps on a phone. But it is optional. You must have taken Scratch 2 with us or are familiar with the concepts of loop, if...then...statement, and variables, before you can take the class.

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