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Rockets are heading to Mars. Artificial intelligence is creating arts and music. Genome technologies are finding new ways to help us stay healthy. So many tech developments happen everyday. We are sharing the most exciting ones with you here. Enjoy!
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These Next-Level 3D-Printed Toys Will Bend Your Brain

The Lazy Engineer shares their 3D designs on Cults., and they surely will hypnotize you.

Why we like it

3D printing is the future of the toy industry.


Can artificial intelligence create a decent dinner?

By checking what's in your fridge artificial intelligence can create new recipes, but do they work?

Why we like it

AI can teach you how to cook and is coming up with the future flavors of the world.


New way to study ocean life | Stanford News

Insights from an innovative rotating microscope could provide a new window into the secrets of microscopic life in the ocean and their effects on crucial planetary processes, such as carbon fixation.

Why we like it

We now have a way to discover new organisms that live in our oceans.


Here's the Technology That's Helping to Track COVID

Safety measures like regular sanitizing and temperature-measurement checkpoints are two options organizations are using to keep operations safe.

Why we like it

It shows us the technology behind how we are tracking COVID-19 cases.


Michigan college student builds LEGO hand sanitizer robot amid coronavirus outbreak

He also created step-by-step instructions to build your own.

Why we like it

It incorporates current trends of keeping people safe with robotics and engineering. A lot of kids have built with LEGOs or the EV3 kit and would be interested in trying to replicate this in their school or at home.


Construction Workers Embrace the Robots That Do Their Jobs

A robotic excavator can dig a pipeline trench without a human in the cab. An engineers' union is partnering with the company that makes the tech.

Why we like it

Construction robots are taking a load of humans. And no one is complaining.


A Computer Science Proof Holds Answers for Math and Physics

An advance in our understanding of quantum computing offers stunning solutions to problems that have long puzzled mathematicians and physicists.

Why we like it

Computer Science, Physics, and Mathematics are intimately connected. This cutting edge article requires effort but rewards at all levels.


Forget Chess—the Real Challenge Is Teaching AI to Play D&D

Some artificial intelligence experts think role playing adventure games will help machines learn to be as clever as we are.

Why we like it

Attention D&D fans: being a Dungeon Master is the new Turing Test


The Python Programming Language Is More Popular Than Ever

Despite a rocky transition from Python 2 to Python 3, developers are still flocking to the programming language.

Why we like it

Python continues to gain fans around the world. Python for AI!


Flying Car Developers Get a Boost From the Air Force

The Pentagon wants to make sure the fledgling electric aviation industry doesn't follow the path of small drones and move offshore.

Why we like it

Flying cars are getting a boost from our military. The applications are many


MIT Tech Lets Self-Driving Cars “See” Under Surface of Road

MIT is working on self-driving technology that allows cars to "see" through the ground up to a depth of ten feet below the surface of the road.

Why we like it

Amazing article about how self-driving cars can see the road through the snow and even underground.


Two Physicists Bet Over a Quantum Computing Moon Shot

Topological quantum computing has long been a beautiful dream. Two top scientists are now facing off over whether it will exist by 2030.

Why we like it

Find out how a pair of physicists are having pizza and not pizza for dinner. Q


This miniature skull belonged to a 2-gram dinosaur

The 100-million-year-old animal might have been the smallest dinosaur.

Why we like it

A 2 gram dinosaur's skull sheds new light into the evolution of birds.


Why has Singapore been so successful in containing COVID-19 coronavirus?

With just 96 reported cases, Singapore has done well to contain the COVID-19 coronavirus, despite being a major hub for international business and travel.

Why we like it

This is a success story that should be read and learned from.


The rise of impossibly cute and wholesome games

Cute games like Wattam, A Short Hike, and the creations of the Sokpop Collective are rising in popularity, inspired by classics like Animal Crossing and Katamari Damacy.

Why we like it

Science Films at Sundance 2020


How to Clean Your Smartphone and Keyboard the Right Way

Your phone is a disease magnet. Here's how to safely disinfect it and the rest of your gear to help you stay healthy as coronavirus spreads.

Why we like it

Here is something you can do for all of us: keep your phone and keyboard virus free and do it the right way.


This little self-driving boat is changing the way we search for shipwrecks

Researchers on the hunt for shipwrecks in Michigan’s Thunder Bay have a new helper in the form of an adorable yellow autonomous boat called BEN. The boat was developed by the University of New Hampshire’s Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping.

Why we like it

Drones Now Exploring Shipwrecks


Minimuscles let amputees control a robot hand with their minds

Approach could make manipulating a prosthesis more natural, precise, and reliable

Why we like it

You can now control robots with your mind... almost.


A hybrid AI model lets it reason about the world’s physics like a child

A new data set reveals just how bad AI is at reasoning - Known as CLEVRER, the data set consists of 20,000 short synthetic video clips and more than 300,000 question and answer pairings that reason about the events in the videos.

Why we like it

Telling robots to act like children yields surprising results.


Military technology - Laser weapons are almost ready for the battlefield

Ray guns, in other words, are now real

Why we like it

A look at how technologies once thought of as science fiction are now part of the war landscape.


US Military Loads Explosive-Sniffing Dolphins Into Cargo Plane

Photos emerged this week, on social media, of dolphins loaded into a military transport jet — chilling, like blocks of tofu, in shallow tubs of water.

Why we like it

Dolphins used in law enforcement: the new K9's


Scientists: Salamander DNA Could Regenerate Human Body Parts

Scientists managed to sequence the entire genome of the axolotl, a salamander capable of regenerating injured body parts, and hope to use it in people.

Why we like it

Human organ and limb regeneration may one day be a reality.


Best of Toy Fair (2020): Baby Yoda, ASMR for Kids, and More

We played with tons of gizmos at the annual trade show (for, uh, work reasons of course).

Why we like it

Toys appeal to kids. Interesting to see the innovations in this field.


The Next Generation of Batteries Could Be Built by Viruses | WIRED

Angela Belcher found a way to turn nature's zombies into a tiny assembly line. But creating a new power cell might be just the beginning.

Why we like it

Very interesting, creative article which contrasts to the current fear of viruses. Captures the imagination.


Chris Atkeson Critiques Robotics in Movies with Wired

Our own Chris Atkeson sat down with the Wired crew for an in-depth discussion of robotics technologies in movies and television: I, Robot, Blade Runner, Terminator, Westworld (2016), and more!

Why we like it

Very interesting comparison of real life and fictional accounts of robots and AI. It is a video but very appealing as it shows many different popular movies.


Powerful antibiotic discovered using machine learning for first time

Team at MIT says halicin kills some of the world’s most dangerous strains

Why we like it

Captures the imagination. This is the kind of research/progress that people hope AI can deliver.


Australian Firefighters Have Saved the Last Groves of a Rare, Prehistoric Tree

Just 200 Wollemi pines exist in a remote gorge, prompting a critical operation to protect them from bushfires

Why we like it

Battling natural disaster often forces a society to prioritize their most important resources and Australia has dealt with massive forest fires


‘Frankenstein’ material can self-heal, reproduce

Bacteria produce “living concrete”

Why we like it

An amazing material made by microbes is as strong as mortar and can self-heal


Hidden Computational Power Found in the Arms of Neurons

The dendritic arms of some human neurons can perform logic operations that once seemed to require whole neural networks.

Why we like it

Amazing phenomena comparing brain activity to computation may lead to further discoveries and deeper understanding


The science behind a firework’s big ka-boom

Here are some of the chemical and engineering tricks that turn an explosion into a colorful flurry of pops and cracks.

Why we like it

We stand and wonder at the majesty of a good fireworks display, but did you ever wonder how they're made?