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Rockets are heading to Mars. Artificial intelligence is creating arts and music. Genome technologies are finding new ways to help us stay healthy. So many tech developments happen everyday. We are sharing the most exciting ones with you here. Enjoy!
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How Does the Internet Work | How You Read Articles Online

Celebrate ARPANET's 50th anniversary by learning how packets run the internet.

Why we like it

Everyone should know how the Internet works


Five Predictions: The Impacts Of AI And Automation On The Future Of Work

The future of work may be brighter with AI and robotics, as long as we start preparing now.

Why we like it

AI will have an impact on the future and it's good to know what may be coming


Quantum computers: why Google, NASA and others are putting their chips on these dream machines

Quantum computers can crack codes in 10 seconds that would take classical computers 300 trillion years. That's why everyone is scrambling to develop them.

Why we like it

Quantum computing will make a huge impact on computing


World’s Fastest Ants Take 47 Steps a Second

Saharan silver ants are the world’s fastest ant. Scientists from the University of Ulm in Germany recently studied these amazing insects to learn how they’re able to move so fast.

Why we like it

It is amazing what Ants can do!


Kid's-Eye View

Our planet is in trouble. Research shows that the climate is changing, and that the worst effects could happen sooner…

Why we like it

The perspective of kids is always inspiring!


The DFAB House exhibit opens in New York City

The DFAB House meets Switzerland's strict building safety codes.

Why we like it

The design these robots have built is amazing!


Ocean Cleanup Device Is Now Collecting Plastic

Over a year ago, a group called Ocean Cleanup began using a huge floating screen to try to clean up plastic pollution in the ocean. After several failures, the group is now collecting plastic.

Why we like it

This article demonstrates a solution to a serious environmental issue.


Why a computer will never be truly conscious

Brain functions integrate and compress multiple components of an experience, including sight and smell – which simply can't be handled in the way computers sense, process and store data.

Why we like it

It addresses the question of many young adults: will computers ever be smarter than us?


Here's what it feels like to sprout a pair of robot arms

In its current form, this Japanese robotic assembly is weird and ungainly. But the technology has intriguing possibilities.

Why we like it

This articles paints a vivid picture of what having robot arms might feel like, pretty cool.


Curious Kids: How deep is the ocean?

In some places, the ocean is almost 7 miles deep. Scientists exploring the ocean floor have found strange sea creatures, bizarre geologic formations and records of Earth's history.

Why we like it

Love this curious question and the details explaining the answer in the article!


Wildlife Photographer of the Year Awards

The Natural History Museum in London holds a yearly contest for the Wildlife Photographer of the Year and Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year. Here are some of this year’s best pictures, and the stories behind them.

Why we like it

Amazing perspective of wildlife, they almost make the rats look friendly.


A Tour of the World's Most Spectacular Ceilings

In her new book 'The Art of Looking Up,' Catherine McCormack captures stunning ceilings around the globe

Why we like it

These beautiful masterpieces spark joy and creativity!


Apple’s Mac Portable turns 30

Few Apple fans wanted the first portable Mac. But by failing, it showed the company how to build exactly the laptops that its customers craved.

Why we like it

It wasn't that long ago that this computer was popular, amazing how the computer has evolved!


AI Helps Seismologists Predict Earthquakes

Machine learning is bringing seismologists closer to an elusive goal: forecasting quakes well before they strike.

Why we like it

The impact of how AI could help is huge! Earthquakes are so devastating, lives could be saved if we knew they were coming.


Curious Kids: What was the first computer?

The first computer, named the ABC, was built at Iowa State University. But for a long time, few had heard of it.

Why we like it

Computers sure have changed a lot, cool to see the change!


Five Roles Robots Will Play in the Future of Farming

From picking fruit to pulling weeds, robotics are bringing precision farming to life

Why we like it

It continues to amaze me how robots are being used in our everyday life.


A data scientist calls for caution in trusting AI discoveries

Artificial intelligence that helps make scientific discoveries needs to get better at admitting its uncertainty.

Why we like it

This is a thought provoking article, it is good to question how AI algorithms can develop in resulting in the best information possible.


Batman Turns Eighty!

For decades, Batman has been apart of the lives of kids and adults alike. On September 21st, 2019, the Batman Franchise entered its 80th year, a day now known as Batman Day. This day was highlighted with nostalgic movies, comics, and the shining of the bat signal in different countries across the globe.

Why we like it

Makes me smile to see beautiful artwork and creative story line from a favorite super hero!


First All-Female Spacewalk Is Back On, NASA Says

The mission was canceled in March after the agency said it did not have two properly fitted spacesuits readily available.

Why we like it

An inspiring article for girls to dream that they can do anything in STEM!


This brain-controlled exoskeleton is helping paralysis patients

Combining robotics and the human brain, together we can beat paralysis as these scientists from France are demonstrating with an exoskeleton suit that uses brain signals to control a four-limb robotic system.

Why we like it

This article is a beautiful story of hope being brought to someone through robotics!


An algorithm that evolved Starcraft bots is also training self-driving cars

DeepMind and Waymo are teaming up to make smarter self-driving cars

Why we like it

Fascinating explanation on how algorithms are being used in AI to make safer automatic driving cars.


Candy: The Not-So-Sweet Story!

Imagine the feeling when you sink your teeth into a sweet chocolate bar or savor a crunchy jolly rancher!  You have heard the adults around you warn you about too much sugar. But you think - "So what, it is just a small candy... it can’t possibly do much harm.”

Why we like it

A great reminder that even though candy is yummy it can be harmful.


Don't ban new technologies – experiment with them carefully

New technologies and services aren't creating irreversible damage, even though they do generate some harms. Preemptive bans would stifle innovation and block potential solutions to real problems.

Why we like it

An good article with a balanced viewpoint on new technologies effecting our everyday life.


A new AI training program helps robots own their ignorance

AI systems struggle to know what they don’t know. Now scientists have created a way to help autonomous machines recognize their blind spots.

Why we like it

Very interesting to see the steps needed to help AI become better.


CupClub wants to eliminate billions of single-use coffee cups

Feel guilty about tossing your cup every day? CupClub has a plan.

Why we like it

A smart idea to help change people's behavior and help our Earth!


These Wild Sculptures Could Bring Sustainable Energy to the Desert

Winners of this year's Land Art Generator Initiative competition proposed beautiful, power-generating works of public art for Abu Dhabi

Why we like it

Inspiriting to see art and science working together!


SIM Swap: Watch Out For Hackers!

On August 30th, the phone of Jack Dorsey, the chief executive officer of Twitter, was hacked.

Why we like it

People hacking into our person information seem to be more common, its good to be well informed on a way to use our technology wisely.


Kids are surrounded by AI. They should know how it works.

A new curriculum that helps children understand how algorithms are designed will keep them safe and motivate them to help shape the technology’s future.

Why we like it

A excellent explanation of the importance of children understanding AI!


Move Over Fake Meat, It's Time for Veggie Seafood

Here are six companies bringing you animal-free fish products, from tomato-based sushi to ...

Why we like it

An interesting read on how our food is changing. Will the generations to come have less meat in their diet?


Postmates’ Delivery Robots Have A Phantom Babysitter

Phantom Auto's remote-control and communications technology for self-driving vehicles will help keep Postmates' Serve robots out of sidewalk jams.

Why we like it

Great read! Cool to see what new developments are happening with AI and what companies want to use robots.