Today, we are going to introduce you to fun math games for kids. Engaging kids in fun math games is a great way to spark their interest in data, analytics, and more!

Creating enjoyable entry points into mathematics will only help your child have a stronger mathematical future. Check out some of the math games listed below by grade level to find a good fit for your child, and give them a try. Then, continue to explore math in a fun data science for kids class.

Explore cool math games for learning

From math games for first graders to games for sixth graders, find ways to make math interesting no matter your child's age. You'll delight in donuts, movie props, and much more.

Math games for 1st graders:

Nurture your 1st grader's curiosity in math.

  1. Jet Ski Addition: Practice your addition facts from 1-12 through this jet ski game.
  2. Donut Drop: This game of strategy takes planning to organize the donuts correctly.
  3. Color by Multiplication: Learn multiplication through coloring.

Math games for 2nd graders:

Focus on addition and subtraction with these fun games for 2nd graders.

4. Bar Graphing with Roly: Learn to graph by counting Roly’s germs.

5. Money Math: Piggy Bank: Practice money math with a piggy bank game.

6. Movie Night Measurement: Explore measurement with virtual props.

Math games for 3rd graders:

Boost 3rd grade math skills with games that teach multiplication, division, fractions, and logic.

7. Penguin Multiplication: Use your multiplication skills to help your penguin win the game.

8. Taking Notes: Create custom melodies using rhythm and pitch.

9. Lost Aliens: Help the aliens get home through math facts.

Fun math games for 4th graders:

Practice multi-digit multiplication and division, fraction equivalence, and mixed equations with these fun math games for 4th graders.

10. Equal Ratio Asteroids: Practice creating equal ratios in space

11. Multiply by 11: Use multiples of 11 to answer special questions.

12. Division Derby: Hone your division skills through a derby.

Math games for 5th graders:

Develop your child's fraction addition and subtraction skills, decimal operations, and more.

13. Puppy Chase: Practice your decimal to fraction conversions with puppies.

14. Flappy Factors: Recall your factoring skills through this game.

15. Mouse Trap: Trap the mouse through strategy and skill.

Math games for 6th graders:

Practice division of fractions, using expressions and equations, and learn logic, with these math games for sixth graders.

16. Hungry Puppies Decimals: Practice your decimal addition and subtraction skills with puppies.

17. Math Tank Average: Practice your averaging skills in this tank game.

18. Hot Head: Convert fractions to decimals through this game.

Discover free math games for kids

Want to get started for free? Here are some free math games to check out.

19. Mount Boredom: Take a goat through the mountains and help strategize the best path.

20. PBS Math games: Choose from a variety of options for fun math games with various goals.

21. Splash Learn games: Play games of your choice with many different settings.

Play fun math games for kids!

Throughout this blog post, you learned about various math games for kids at different grade levels. We hope that you found games your child will enjoy that will spark their love of math in a positive way! Remember, playing is the best way to learn.

Check out a fun data science for kids class to keep playing. Up next, explore 10 tips for data science for children or read about the best online math classes for kids.

Written by Lauren Mauel, a Create & Learn instructor with 8 years of teaching experience. She also has a BS in Mathematics, an MS in Analytics, and is a PhD candidate. She loves seeing kids' creativity come alive.