Discover some of the best coding resources for teachers so you can bring creativity and joy into your classroom easily this year! In the ever-evolving landscape of education, integrating coding into the curriculum has become a transformative tool. In fact, 90% of parents want their child to study computer science.

Discover Top Free Coding Resources for Teachers & Schools

Each of these coding resources for teachers will help you inspire creativity, problem-solving, and digital literacy in your students. From immersive project-based learning to helpful curriculums and professional development, discover how these platforms empower teachers to shape the tech-savvy leaders of tomorrow. The best news is that they're all free!

1. Create & Learn

Free, Online, Suitable for All Ages, Live Classes Led By Experts, Community Events

Create & Learn's dynamic computer science classes can transform your classroom into a hub of innovation. Here's why the platform is an exceptional choice for teachers and already used to power computer science classes in schools across the US:

At Create & Learn, students experience immersive live online coding lessons. Unlike some platforms that focus solely on theory, Create & Learn places a strong emphasis on inquiry-based and hands-on, project-based learning. This means your students won't just learn how to code; they'll apply their knowledge to create real-world projects. From developing interactive games to designing animations, Create & Learn's approach ensures that students grasp coding concepts by actively using them in fun and practical ways.

Create & Learn also offers a variety of subjects which is the key to helping your student find something that matches their unique interests within computer science. With 35+ award-winning courses, students can learn AI, coding, robotics, and more, so they are more likely to unearth a new passion.

One of the standout features of Create & Learn is the expert guidance students receive. Your class will be matched with a dedicated instructor who provides live support, tailored to each student's individual needs and progress. This personalized attention ensures that no student is left behind, and it allows you to focus on teaching other subjects while knowing your students are getting the computer science help they need.

Furthermore, Create & Learn's curriculum isn't just any curriculum. It's carefully crafted by tech experts and experienced educators from prestigious institutions like Apple, Intel, Google, Harvard, MIT, and This means your students are learning from a curriculum that's not only engaging, but also aligns with the highest educational standards and best practices. That's why Create & Learn has been selected to partner with many schools and school programs such as SMASH and Meta's Engineer for the Week.

Teachers use Create & Learn to:

  • Teach their students computer science: Book free virtual classes for your students (groups of 10+) - any time of the year! We serve all schools and community organizations. Just pick the activity you're interested in (from these 10 fun options) and contact us. We'll get in touch to get you all set up for your live Zoom sessions.
  • Set up after school club: Pick a fun activity from our list of free classes for your group of 10+ students or encourage them to join live online tech expert events to learn about NASA, Pixar, and more.


Free, Online, Suitable for All Ages, Curriculum, Lesson Plans, Community Event

Nonprofit is your partner in empowering students with the essential language of the future. offers a treasure trove of coding lessons and activities entirely free of charge.

The platform is online, which brings a world of convenience to your classroom. You can access it from anywhere with an internet connection, making it adaptable to various teaching environments—whether it's in-person, remote, or a hybrid model. doesn't limit itself by students' age; it's designed to cater to students of all ages, from young learners as early as 3 to high school teenagers. This inclusivity means you can introduce coding concepts to your students at any grade level, tailoring the experience to their unique needs and skill levels. offers comprehensive teaching resources that equip you with everything you need to effectively guide your students on their coding journey. You'll find detailed lesson plans, classroom materials, and even professional development resources to enhance your coding teaching skills.

Teachers use to:

3. Scratch

Free, Ages 8 and Up, Online, Interactive Coding Platform, Tutorials

Scratch is more than just a coding platform; it's a playground for young minds to explore the limitless world of creativity through coding. And Scratch is free - a valuable aspect for educators looking for cost-effective ways to introduce coding to their students.

Unlike some coding platforms, Scratch is designed for slightly older children, typically ages 8 and up. This age-appropriate focus allows you to engage elementary and middle school students effectively, providing a solid foundation for more advanced coding concepts.

One of Scratch's standout features is its online accessibility. Whether students are learning in the classroom or remotely, they can easily access their projects from anywhere with an internet connection. This flexibility makes Scratch adaptable to various teaching environments, which is especially crucial in today's dynamic educational landscape.

What truly sets Scratch apart is its emphasis on fostering creativity through coding. While other platforms focus solely on teaching programming concepts, Scratch encourages students to create interactive stories, games, and animations. It's like giving your students a blank canvas and the tools to paint their digital dreams. This focus on creativity not only makes learning more engaging but also empowers students to apply coding in ways that reflect their unique interests and imaginations.

Teachers use Scratch to:

  • Help students code in a live environment Use the live project tool to drag and drop blocks to create code that brings animations and games to life
  • Help kids create fun projects Scratch has tons of pre-made tutorials with ideas that will help kids learn

4. Khan Academy

Free, Ages 10 and Up, Online, Curriculum, Self-Paced Videos

Khan Academy is a transformative educational resource that can elevate your teaching in various ways. Khan Academy offers a vast array of coding lessons and materials at no cost. This accessibility ensures that teachers, regardless of budget constraints, can provide their students with a high-quality coding education.

The platform offers a comprehensive curriculum, making it an excellent choice for teachers. Whether you're teaching elementary or high school students, Khan Academy's coding courses cater to various age groups and skill levels. The structured curriculum means you don't have to spend time searching for suitable lessons; it's all there, ready to be incorporated into your classroom.

Khan Academy excels at promoting self-paced learning. It recognizes that every student learns differently and at their own speed. With Khan Academy, students can progress through coding lessons at their individual pace, ensuring that each one grasps the concepts thoroughly before moving on. This flexibility is particularly advantageous in diverse classrooms with students of varying abilities.

Unlike some coding platforms, Khan Academy provides in-depth explanations and examples for coding concepts. This means that if a student faces a challenge, they can easily access resources to help them understand and overcome it. As a teacher, you can also leverage these explanations to reinforce classroom learning.

Teachers use Khan Academy to:

  • Learn new concepts using a talk-through: These are like videos but more interactive, and you can show them to your class
  • Provide challenges for students: See step-by-step challenges kids can do to practice newly learned concepts.
  • Use the live code editor: You don't need to download anything because the coding editor is embedded right on their website, so kids can bring their code to life.

5. CS First

Free, Ages 9-14, Online, Curriculum, Professional Development

Google's CS First is completely free, which is a game-changer for teachers seeking accessible coding resources. In a classroom setting where budgets can be tight, this platform offers a rich array of coding lessons and materials without adding financial strain.

CS First is beginner-friendly, making it an excellent choice for teachers introducing coding to students who are new to the subject. The platform's step-by-step approach, easy-to-follow tutorials, and interactive activities ensure that even students with no prior coding experience can quickly grasp the fundamentals.

What truly sets CS First apart is its rich content. It doesn't limit itself to just teaching code syntax; it integrates coding into broader themes, such as storytelling, music, and art. This interdisciplinary approach allows teachers to connect coding with other subjects, fostering creativity and critical thinking skills. Whether you're teaching young children or high school students, CS First provides a diverse range of projects that can be integrated into your curriculum seamlessly.

Additionally, CS First offers teacher resources that empower educators with the tools they need to effectively guide their students. This includes lesson plans, supplementary materials, and access to a community of educators who can share best practices and support each other in the teaching journey.

Teachers use CS First to:

  • Help students follow a curriculum: Students learn through video-based lessons, with different themes like sports, art, and game design
  • Track progress: Students can save their work and you can manage class progress with a dashboard
  • Professional development: Get help implementing CS First in your classroom with their free of charge professional development.

Use Top Coding Resources for Teachers In Your School Classroom

These coding resources for teachers offer a diverse range of options to suit various grade levels and teaching styles. Whether you're looking for lesson plan guidance or a fun annual event that inspires community like's offerings, or interactive environments like Scratch, you'll find the perfect coding resource to inspire and educate your students.

Bring coding classes to your school easily with classes taught live by Create & Learn's experts. We serve all schools and community organizations. Just pick the activity you're interested in (from these 10 fun options) and contact us to get your students set up.