In this modern age of boundless information and rapid technological advancements, it is crucial to equip our children with the necessary skills to navigate the digital landscape effectively. The art of prompting ChatGPT, an advanced language model, opens doors to a world of limitless possibilities. Imagine the joy on your child's face as they unravel the secrets of storytelling or embark on AI-guided adventures. So today we'll share some awesome ChatGPT classes for kids that encourage creativity and critical thinking in young minds, as they learn a variety of ways to harness technology through interesting prompt. Set your child up to develop a deep appreciation for the power of technology while honing their problem solving skills!

Discover ChatGPT Classes for Kids

With ChatGPT passing Google interviews and law, medical, and business school exams, and about 90% of students admitting using ChatGPT for their homework, there are huge opportunities to use ChatGPT. Explore the wide array of captivating ChatGPT classes designed to ignite your child's curiosity and expand their horizons! From the enchanting realm of storytelling to the practical world of problem solving, these engaging, interactive, and fun classes taught by knowledgeable educators offer a range of exciting options.

It is crucial to stay actively involved in your children's classes and education about ChatGPT to address any potential ethical issues that may arise. By maintaining open communication and providing guidance, you can help your student navigate complex ethical considerations related to AI, fostering responsible and conscientious usage of these technologies.

1. Create with AI: ChatGPT Secrets for Kids

Grades 4-8; Live online; Small group (max 5 students); Expert led

Through several carefully designed projects, this live online interactive course designed by experts from Google, Stanford, and MIT, helps students understand what ChatGPT is and introduces them to effective ways of using ChatGPT. Together with ChatGPT, students will plan something fun, honing their systematic and critical thinking skills while developing essential executive functions. Moreover, they'll learn how to use ChatGPT to enhance their writing abilities and unleash their creativity, enabling them to craft captivating storylines, and they'll master the art of delivering powerful messages through well-structured sentences. Students will also have the opportunity to code their very own ChatBot using this remarkable technology. Throughout the course, students will gain a comprehensive understanding of the power of ChatGPT, its practical applications, and the ethical considerations associated with AI usage.

2. AI Explorers

Grades 4-7; Live online; Small group (max 5 students); Expert led

Step into the captivating world of artificial intelligence (AI) with an exciting AI Explorers series! From R2-D2 to cutting-edge technology, AI has mesmerized children for generations, and now it's closer than ever to shaping our lives. Join these small group sessions where students will be introduced to the latest AI technologies and their applications across various fields. From hands-on experiences with AI systems to understanding its capabilities and limitations, students will unleash their creativity and critical thinking. In the AI Explorers 1 class, students will dive into key AI concepts and experience image recognition, chatbots, and machine learning firsthand. In AI Explorers 2, they will explore collaboration between humans and AI, witness AI triumph in games, and build their own gaming AI system. Finally, in AI Explorers 3, students will delve deeper into AI systems, understanding neural networks, dimensionality, and exploring the social implications of AI.

3. AI Creators

Grades 6-12; Live online; Small group (max 3 students); Expert led

Master machine learning. AI Creators provides students with the opportunity to create simple and practical AI apps using a variety of tools - from the Python coding language and open source packages to commercial AI. By the end of class, students will achieve a firm foundation in key technical concepts used in coding AI, and creating models representative of a variety of data, including medical imaging datasets (pneumonia, Covid-19, and the like), and so much more. Students will also receive an excellent overview of the frontier of AI technologies and develop strong problem-solving and critical-thinking skills.

4. Use LLM AI (ChatGPT) to Write Better Essays

Ages 11-16, Live online

Guided by a skilled instructor, your child will embark on a systematic journey, deconstructing and reconstructing AI-generated material to create their own captivating essays. Throughout this live online course, they will develop a deep understanding of tone, voice, style, diction, and syntax, while mastering various writing modes such as expository, argumentative, persuasive, and narrative. Students will venture into uncharted territories, collaborating with AI to craft exceptional pieces of writing. Enroll your child today and witness their creativity soar to new heights in this thrilling writing odyssey!

5. Turn Your Movie Idea into an Awesome Screenplay with ChatGPT

Ages 13-18, Recorded Videos

Unleash your child's creativity and ignite their passion for storytelling with this exciting screenwriting course! Guided by an experienced instructor, they will explore the entire screenwriting process, tapping into the power of AI technology. From developing captivating story ideas to crafting compelling characters, plotting intricate narratives, and mastering the art of dialogue, every aspect will be covered. With ChatGPT as their ally, they will receive suggestions and refine their content to match their creative vision. Each week will focus on a key element, culminating in a polished screenplay ready for the world. Don't miss this opportunity to unlock your child's storytelling potential - enroll today and let their imagination soar!

Join ChatGPT Classes for Kids and Students

ChatGPT classes for kids offer an array of opportunities to explore and harness the power of artificial intelligence. Whether it's crafting compelling essays, coding awesome projects, or venturing into the realm of moviemaking, these classes empower young minds to tap into the limitless potential of AI. By learning how to use and prompt ChatGPT effectively, kids gain invaluable skills that transcend traditional boundaries, equipping them with the tools to excel in various areas of their lives. Enroll your child in these transformative ChatGPT classes and witness their incredible journey as they unlock the full potential of their creativity, innovation, and problem-solving skills. The future is theirs to shape, and the time to embark on this extraordinary adventure is now!

Looking to learn more about AI for kids? Explore our collection of ChatGPT resources to help educators and parents understand and navigate ChatGPT (and similar AI technologies). And learn from David Touretzky - Computer Science Professor at Carnegie Mellon University; Founder and chair of, Jamila Khawaja - Senior Curriculum Development Manager at, Jia Li - Chief AI Fellow of Cloud First, Data & AI at Accenture, Founding Head of Google Cloud AI R&D, Stanford, and Wes Chao - Computer Science teacher at The Nueva School, a leading preK-12 independent school for gifted learners, and former Facebook engineer how ChatGPT is changing kids education. Google also has a Generative AI learning path you might enjoy.