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ScratchJr Books: Learn to Code

In our exploration of the best ScratchJr books for kids, we delve into a world where vibrant pages turn complex coding concepts into child's play. Explore a number of interactive workbooks, each uniquely crafted to captivate and educate!

Best Scratch Coding Books for Kids

While live online Scratch classes provide real-time interaction and immediate feedback, the best Scratch coding books serve as an indispensable companion, allowing kids to learn at their own pace, revisit challenging concepts, and deepen their understanding. Let's take a look!

ScratchJr Lessons

Accessible as a free app on both iOS and Android, ScratchJr has made it easier than ever for kids to dive into the world of coding. So today we'll share some of the best structured ScratchJr lessons.

Scratch Course for Beginners

Diving into the world of programming for kids can seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be! Enter the Scratch course for beginners - a gateway to a fun, interactive learning experience that strips away the complexities of traditional coding.