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What Type Of Coding Is Scratch?

With so many types of languages in existence, you may be wondering- what type of coding is Scratch? Interestingly, Scratch doesn’t fall into any of the previously mentioned categories, and this article explains why.

5 Beginner Scratch Challenges

Today we will cover five beginner Scratch challenges that include more sophisticated concepts such as loops, variables, and Scratch extensions. Read on to find fun challenges including a translator and a story-based game!

5 Fun Scratch Exercises for Kids

We’ve compiled some fun Scratch exercises for kids that will help them to master Scratch and be equipped to tackle more advanced projects in the future. Read on to find fun challenges that involve flying, changing colors, noises, and more!

Is Scratch Coding Free?

Scratch is a visual programming language and website designed for coding novices in primary and secondary education. This language is loved by many, but is Scratch coding free?

How Do You Code on Scratch?

To code on Scratch you drag and drop blocks to place them together to make your program. Today we'll reveal more about how you program on Scratch, categories of Scratch blocks to use, and basics steps for getting started. Plus, we'll share some fun beginner projects!