What Is Block Coding?

So, what is block coding? As Computer Science is becoming a more and more fundamental part of every part of society, it has become a core skill for kids to learn earlier in school.

7 Easy Games to Code for Beginners

Creating cool games is a great way to challenge yourself to apply your coding skills. So today we'll share some easy games to code for beginners. From the fun Pacman arcade game to the traditional Tic Tac Toe, find a game you'll love, and take on a new challenge!

Fun Scratch Coding Camps

In this article, we're going to explore Scratch coding camps. How is a camp different from a class? While the curriculum between a camp and a class might be very similar, camps happen in a much smaller time frame, effectively immersing the student in the subject matter.

How to Create Music in Scratch

Scratch offers many ways to enhance your project, and one of them is by adding music! This article will show you how to create music in Scratch. There are many options for customized and pre-recorded sound.