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Free Coding Games for Kids

Looking for free coding games for kids? Today we've pulled together some handy free apps and websites that provide fun, challenging games for kids from elementary school through high school to learn coding.

Roblox Studio: Download, Setup, and Build Games

Using Roblox Studio, anyone can create their own characters, build environments and landscapes, design gameplay mechanics, and even add music and sound effects. This makes it a fun and powerful tool for kids who enjoy making games and want to share them with others online!

7 Easy Games to Code for Beginners

Creating cool games is a great way to challenge yourself to apply your coding skills. So today we'll share some easy games to code for beginners. From the fun Pacman arcade game to the traditional Tic Tac Toe, find a game you'll love, and take on a new challenge!

How to Make a Maze in Scratch

Learn how to build a maze game. We’ll start from the beginning and demonstrate how to create your own maze, control the character’s escape from the maze with arrow keys, and even customize the maze with different themes!

21 Fun Math Games for Kids

Today, we are going to introduce you to fun math games for kids. Engaging kids in fun math games is a great way to spark their interest in data, analytics, and more! Creating enjoyable entry points into mathematics will only help your child have a stronger mathematical future.