In today's digital age, where communication and technology play a central role in our lives, it is crucial to consider the benefits of your child taking a class on using ChatGPT. This artificial intelligence-powered language model provides a unique opportunity for young learners to develop essential skills such as critical thinking, creativity, and effective communication. By engaging with ChatGPT, students can enhance their writing abilities, learn how to code, discover how to generate ideas, and beyond. Moreover, using ChatGPT can foster a sense of curiosity and exploration, encouraging young minds to think outside the box and explore new possibilities. So today we'll take a look at a few ChatGPT courses for beginners to get an introduction to the dynamic tool.

Explore ChatGPT Courses for Beginners

Discover some of the top-rated ChatGPT courses to get started learning. Create & Learn's online ChatGPT courses which are featured below are designed by experts from Google, Stanford, and MIT specifically for kids and teens, and are led live by an engagin expert. Many of the other courses available today are self-paced using recorded videos and designed for older students and adults. Find the right fit for your student!

1. Create with AI: ChatGPT Secrets for Kids

Grades 4-8; Live online; Small group (max 5 students); Expert led

Through several carefully designed projects, this live online interactive course designed by experts from Google, Stanford, and MIT, helps students understand what ChatGPT is and introduces them to effective ways of using ChatGPT. Together with ChatGPT, students will plan something fun, honing their systematic and critical thinking skills while developing essential executive functions. Moreover, they'll learn how to use ChatGPT to enhance their writing abilities and unleash their creativity, enabling them to craft captivating storylines, and they'll master the art of delivering powerful messages through well-structured sentences. Students will also have the opportunity to code their very own ChatBot using this remarkable technology. Throughout the course, students will gain a comprehensive understanding of the power of ChatGPT, its practical applications, and the ethical considerations associated with AI usage.

2. AI Explorers

Grades 4-7; Live online; Small group (max 5 students); Expert led

This class broadens children's horizons across the field of AI, rather than focusing specifically on ChatGPT. Step into the captivating world of artificial intelligence (AI) with an exciting AI Explorers series! From R2-D2 to cutting-edge technology, AI has mesmerized children for generations, and now it's closer than ever to shaping our lives. Join these small group sessions where students will be introduced to the latest AI technologies and their applications across various fields. From hands-on experiences with AI systems to understanding its capabilities and limitations, students will unleash their creativity and critical thinking. In the AI Explorers 1 class, students will dive into key AI concepts and experience image recognition, chatbots, and machine learning firsthand. In AI Explorers 2, they will explore collaboration between humans and AI, witness AI triumph in games, and build their own gaming AI system. Finally, in AI Explorers 3, students will delve deeper into AI systems, understanding neural networks, dimensionality, and exploring the social implications of AI.

3. ChatGPT for Beginners on Great Learning

2 Hours; Recorded videos; Beginner teens; Free

Delve into the world of ChatGPT with a captivating free ChatGPT for Beginners course - ideal for teenagers and college students. This transformative program unravels the intricacies of developing curricula, crafting code, generating prompts, scripting, and utilizing ChatGPT for content creation and marketing endeavors. Your student will embark on a journey that encompasses the creation of engaging suggestions, informative summarizations, persuasive email prompts, and insightful reports. They'll immerse themselves in the realm of keyword-based text generation and unlock the hidden potential of marketing prompts. And discover the diverse career paths that ChatGPT offers, from customer service to data science, and master the art of feedback generation to optimize your chatbot's performance and cater to users' needs. Students will also unleash their creativity as they master the art of writing captivating conversational experiences through scriptwriting. This certificate will also help your student unveil the boundaries of ChatGPT and learn how to navigate around them to deliver unparalleled user experiences.

4. ChatGPT Complete Guide: Learn Midjourney, ChatGPT 4 & More on Udemy

11 Hours; Recorded video; Beginner teens; $9.99

Unlock the full potential of your teen's creativity and productivity with a transformative ChatGPT class. No prior experience with AI or programming is needed, but an eagerness to learn and explore new technologies is a plus. With a focus on prompt engineering, this course equips students with the skills to create compelling content, synthesize information, and accelerate their learning process. In addition to boosting productivity and time management skills, this class explores the vast possibilities of ChatGPT in marketing, enabling students to generate targeted content, capitalize on trends, and create impactful ad campaigns and newsletters. Moreover, the course goes beyond technical proficiency by fostering soft skills development through personalized ChatGPT feedback, empowering your teen to enhance their communication, leadership, problem-solving, and social abilities. With AI voice, video, photo, writing, and music tools at their disposal, students will gain a versatile skill set that automates tasks, produces effective copy, enhances visuals, and creates captivating music compositions.

5. Introduction to ChatGPT on edX

2 Hours; Recorded video; Beginner teens; Free or $20

Ignite your teen's potential with our transformative Intro to ChatGPT course. Unlock the power of OpenAI's advanced language model and explore its vast applications. No prior knowledge of ChatGPT is needed. From understanding ChatGPT's capabilities and customization techniques to mastering advanced usage, your teen will gain valuable skills. They'll learn to ask insightful questions, personalize conversations, build chatbots, and integrate with other tools. Discover language translation, creative content generation, and ethical practices. With hands-on exercises and real-world examples, your teen will harness ChatGPT's power and unleash their creative potential in various domains. There's both a free and paid option for taking this course, which also comes with a certificate.

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What Is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an Artificial Intelligence technology that you can converse with and ask an incredible wide range of questions from how to cook pasta, travel recommendation, to coding, solving calculus problems, and a lot more. It is so intelligent that it can pass Google Interviews, AP tests, and Bar exams.

Hear how Sam Altman described ChatGPT. He is CEO of OpenAI - the company that developed ChatGPT. For a more technical description of ChatGPT, check out the ChatGPT launch blog.

Similar AI technologies have been developed by Google and other companies. But ChatGPT is the most well known one. For a more in-depth technical reference on what ChatGPT is explore this Fireside Chat: With Ilya Sutskever and Jensen Huang: AI Today and Vision of the Future (March 2023).

Google also has a Generative AI learning path you might enjoy.

Just a reminder that is crucial to stay actively involved in your children's classes and education about ChatGPT to address any potential ethical issues that may arise. By maintaining open communication and providing guidance, you can help your student navigate complex ethical considerations related to AI, fostering responsible and conscientious usage of these technologies.

Join ChatGPT Courses for Beginners

By encouraging your teen to learn how to maximize the use of ChatGPT, you are empowering them with a valuable skill set for the digital age. ChatGPT offers endless possibilities for creativity, productivity, and problem-solving. It enables teens to unlock the full potential of language AI and leverage its capabilities to their advantage. By mastering ChatGPT, your student will gain a deep understanding of its features, limitations, and ethical considerations. This knowledge will not only enhance their communication skills but also equip them with valuable tools for various career paths. Whether they aspire to be content creators, entrepreneurs, or researchers, the ability to harness ChatGPT effectively will set them apart. Embrace the opportunity to help your teens thrive in a world where AI is transforming industries, and let them embark on a journey of innovation, growth, and limitless possibilities!

Looking to learn more about AI for kids? Explore our collection of ChatGPT resources to help educators and parents understand and navigate ChatGPT (and similar AI technologies). And learn from David Touretzky - Computer Science Professor at Carnegie Mellon University; Founder and chair of, Jamila Khawaja - Senior Curriculum Development Manager at, Jia Li - Chief AI Fellow of Cloud First, Data & AI at Accenture, Founding Head of Google Cloud AI R&D, Stanford, and Wes Chao - Computer Science teacher at The Nueva School, a leading preK-12 independent school for gifted learners, and former Facebook engineer how ChatGPT is changing kids education.