There are more free online classes for kids now than ever before, which can make it confusing to choose the right class. Is the curriculum well-designed? Will your kid be engaged? What skills will they build, and how will they apply them? Is the price worth it?

Getting your child the best education should be simple, so we rounded up a list of some of the best free online classes for kids in all sorts of subjects—from science and technology to music, arts, life skills, and more. Discover one-time activities and semester-long classes, as well as clubs for kids to meet friends and develop lifelong skills.

Discover The Best Free Online Classes for Kids

Explore classes in computer science, math, baking, arts, and so much more. All classes are kid-friendly and free!

1. Create & Learn Computer Science Events

Help your child boost their skills in computer science, coding, and more through virtual events taught by live instructors. Create & Learn's classes and events have been recognized by Minecraft Education, Meta, HulaFrog, ActivityHero, and more. We run regular free events with speakers from NASA, Google, and other top companies. Join us to find the magic in technology and have fun!

Ages: 5-21

Subjects: Computer science, coding, math, science, engineering, art

Popular class: Minecraft Escape Estate

2. Khan Academy

A non-profit organization on a mission to prove free, world-class education to learners around the world, Khan Academy helps students grow their skills and meet grade-level standards. The classes are designed by a team of experts, including software engineers, program managers, and content creators, and offer a variety of subjects across grade levels. The platform also provides free resources to teachers so they can ensure students are on track and have the content they need to accelerate learning.

Ages: 5-14

Subjects: Math, science, arts, humanities, reading, computing, economics, life skills, test prep

Popular class: Middle school Earth and Space science

3. ActivityHero

It's easy to find free online classes and workshops on ActivityHero, a platform that hosts e-courses from teachers from around the nation. You can browse by activity, like arts & crafts, cooking, coding, social skills, and more, to find the class that's right for your student. Filter by time of day, date, length, and age groups, and read through descriptions before signing up for a class.

Ages: 5-21

Subjects: Art, math, science, baking, coding, music, yoga, writing, languages

Popular class: Chess Practice Tournament

4. Udemy

Udemy offers an extensive range of online courses, including a variety of free options that are perfect for parents seeking educational enrichment for their kids. From coding and art to basic science and mathematics, Udemy’s courses cater to a wide array of interests and age groups, making learning both accessible and engaging for young minds. These courses are designed by experts and often include interactive video lectures, hands-on projects, and quizzes, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience. Whether your child is exploring a new hobby or strengthening academic skills, Udemy’s user-friendly platform provides a flexible and convenient way for kids to learn at their own pace, right from the comfort of home.

Ages: 10-21

Subjects: Art, math, science, programming

Popular class: How to draw basics for kids and beginners

5. National Geographic Kids

Discover free games, videos, experiments, and articles that teach kids about science, animals, history, and more. National Geographic Kids is a great resource for short, engaging lessons that kids can read through and try on their own or with the help of a parent or teacher. While the platform isn't designed like a typical classroom experience, it offers hands-on learning opportunities for kids of all grade levels. For teenagers, National Geographic Education offers more advanced lessons and learning opportunities.

Ages: 5-21

Subjects: Science, history, geography

Popular class: Amazing Animals

6. iRobot Education

Future programmers rejoice! iRobot Education is the place for learning about robotics, computer science, coding, and more. The online classes are designed for the platform's robots and use storytelling to teach students how to program. From creating flower shapes to space adventures, the classes revolve around short 5-15 minute video explanations and offer resources for helping students solve the problems at hand. For little learners, the platform offers activities and stories to build a foundation in robotics.

Ages: 5-18

Subjects: Robotics, coding, programming, science, art, English language arts

Popular class: Simulator Code Break

7. GoNoodle

GoNoodle's mindfulness and meditation videos are used in schools across the US, but the platform also offers free online videos, activities, and blog posts in STEM, cooking, music, nature, and adventure. Students watch short 1-5 minute videos to learn about topics like composting, creating healthy routines, and coordination. Then, they can do an activity to test their knowledge of what they learned.

Ages: 3-12

Subjects: Health, music, science, social studies, English language arts, reading, Spanish

Popular class: Melting

8. MoMath

If your student has shown interest in mathematics or simply needs to work on fundamental skills, the National Museum of Mathematics offers a number of free online classes for kids of all ages. You can see the class schedule for the current and upcoming week and read through descriptions of each session to see if it's right for your student. Classes marked as "free" are free to all, while the other classes charge a fee to attend—but free spots have been set aside in every paid class for families in need.

Ages: 3-21

Subjects: Geometry, arithmetic, discrete mathematics

Popular class: Math Gym

9. Outschool

Outschool offers families a wide range of live online classes for education and enrichment, catering to various budgets. Teachers from around the world list their own classes on the platform. Outschool’s Learner Community offers anywhere from 2-5 FREE special classes and workshops for kids of all ages every month? The Learner Community is a welcoming space where kids can make friends, explore their next passion, and find their new favorite educator.

Ages: 5-21

Subjects: English, social studies, art, games, health and wellness

Popular class: See some upcoming free classes

10. Sawyer

Sawyer makes it simple to browse and book hundreds of free online classes for kids. Students of all ages can explore their interest in topics, like coding, performing arts, or music, with free beginner classes. Once they know what subjects they want to learn, schedule time for focused learning with classes, clubs, and workshops. The class schedule is organized by date, so you can see what classes are available today, this coming week, or several months out.

Ages: 3-21

Subjects: Arts, music, computer science, reading, languages, technology, science

Popular class: 3D Design Studio

Explore Free Zoom Classes for Kids

There are so many free online classes to choose from, so we rounded up a few recommendations that are sure to engage kids and help them build lifelong skills.

11. Circuit Fun with Snap Circuits

They are in your phone, and they are in your car. They light up your house, and they run roller coasters. What are they? They're electronic circuits and they're everywhere! In this fun free online event, your child will learn the basics of electronic circuits using Snap Circuits. They will build several fun projects, while they learn what a circuit is, how circuits work, how to create one, and how to add more parts in a circuit to make sounds, light, and more! They will also learn different components of circuits, and how they can be put together to create a fun system.

Ages: 7-14 years old

12. Secrets of Creating Roblox Robot Champions Game

Does your child love robotics or building things? Try out Robot Champions, a fun and powerful Roblox game launched recently by Filament Games in collaboration with First Robotics. Players can customize or build virtual robots from scratch with parts like Motors, Wheels and Pistons, then take the bots to compete with friends to earn medals in multiplayer matchups such as RoboCo Polo, Skatepark Scramble, Parmesan Pipeline, and more! Your child will learn about robotics along the way. Join host Dan White, who heads up Filament Games as he shares insider views of this fun and stimulating game, and what it takes to build a game like this.

Ages: 9-18 years old

13. Python Project Building Meetup - Hour of Code Event

Join other enthused fellow young coders to build some fun Python projects together. Start with doing a couple of projects on a cool Python Skill Builder, including one that is typically not freely available. We will then move on to create fun project ideas contributed by students. We will learn from each other and have fun! Projects will focused on the most fundamental concepts of Python.

Ages: 8-14 years old

14. AI Explorers

From R2-D2 in Star Wars to Transformers, artificial intelligence (AI) and robots have fascinated children for generations. Now AI is more pervasive than ever and is closer than ever to impacting many parts of our lives. In this free online event, students learn some fun cutting-edge AI applications, and work on a hands-on project.

Ages: 9-18 years old

15. 2D Animation by Museum of Design

Animations play an important role in how we tell and share stories. From movies like Wall-E to those like Spirited Away, animated films have a way of connecting us and helping us build community! Bring your imagination to life in this Afterschool Studio by learning how to create 2D animations! In this class students will design their own stories, animate them, and learn how to share them with their friends and families.

Ages: 12-17

Online classes are great for learning new skills and creating structure, but activity classes are a great way for kids to apply what they learned in school.

Discover Online Activity Classes for Kids

The following activity classes allow kids to express their creativity, practice life skills, make friends, and so much more.

16. How to Draw Dynamic Poses

Students can let their inner cartoonist loose in this free online video class about drawing dynamic poses. An intro to the Winged Canvas Cartooning & Anime class, this video explains how to create natural-looking poses by creating a classic manga character. For in-depth steps, you can register for the paid cartooning for kids class.

Grades: 4-12+

17. From Mindless to Mindful

Teach kids to calm down from the chaos of school and life with this GoNoodle guided meditation activity. The short video helps kids practice mindfulness so they learn to focus their attention in the present moment.

Grades: 1-5

18. NASA's Space Jam

Create a solar system that really rocks! Learn about music, astronomy, and coding in this self-guided activity (no coding experience required). Program planets to make music, creating your own musical solar system, complete with spacey melodies.

Grades: 2+

19. Long Live Wakanda by Microsoft

Shuri, Okoye, and Riri must band together to help Wakanda. Code your own action-packed activity inspired by Marvel Studios' 'Black Panther: Wakanda Forever'.

Grades: 6+

20. Hoffman Academy's Free Piano Lessons

This academy's free online piano lessons guide you step-by-step from absolute beginner to confident musician. You’ll learn to read, understand, and create music. Learn from the comfort of your own home, on your own schedule, at your own pace.

Grades: 2+

21. Ms. Rachel's YouTube

Enjoy baby and toddler learning videos with a real teacher, Ms. Rachel who has a masters in music education from NYU. Ms. Rachel uses techniques recommended by speech therapists and early childhood experts to help children learn important milestones and preschool skills. Kids will get moving through fun nursery rhymes and kids songs videos.

Ages: 3+

22. Cosmic Kids Yoga YouTube

Movement is the best way to bring stories to life for kids. Watch fun yoga and mindfulness videos for kids aged 3 to 9, presented by Jaime. Go on 50+ yoga adventures including the Trolls, Frozen, Star Wars, Minecraft and Moana specials, and more.

Ages: 3+

23. Museum of Modern Art's Free Online Classes

Immerse your student in ideas and help them see their world in new ways through art. In MoMA’s free Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) on Coursera, you will hear directly from artists and designers, look closely at works in our collection and exhibitions, and join a global community of learners unlike any other. Enroll any time and complete the course at your own pace.

Ages: 10+

24. Disney Parks Drawing Lessons

Disney Parks Blog's drawing lessons offer a delightful and creative outlet for kids, blending the magic of Disney with the joy of learning to draw. These free online YouTube videos, led by Disney artists, guide children through easy-to-follow steps to bring beloved Disney characters to life on paper. Parents looking for engaging, no-cost activities will find these lessons particularly appealing as they provide a unique opportunity for kids to develop their artistic skills while connecting with the enchanting world of Disney, whether it's sketching Mickey Mouse, Elsa, or any other favorite character.

Ages: 8+

25. Duolingo Language Lessons

Duolingo is a fun, free app for learning 40+ languages through quick, bite-sized lessons. Kids can practice speaking, reading, listening, and writing to build your vocabulary and grammar skills. Designed by language experts and loved by hundreds of millions of learners worldwide, Duolingo helps students prepare for real conversations in Spanish, French, Chinese, Italian, German, English, and more.

Ages: 8+

Have a future programmer on your hands? You can discover the best STEM classes for kids here.

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