It’s always been controversial to have computers take over the jobs of people and put them out of work. However, if those computers can free up the time that volunteers would normally spend on labeling animal pictures, then those volunteers will have more time to spend on more valuable research. To learn more about it check out this story, “Deep into the wild,” and other cool tech news here and more on our website @ TechNews4Kids.

AI boosts a citizen-science project


The Harvard Gazette

The Harvard Gazette

Researchers were able to save 8 years of volunteer human labeling efforts, by applying deep learning to more than 3 million photographs. The AI was able to identify, count, and describe animals in their natural habitats almost 100% as accurately as human volunteers. In fact, in many instances they could determine even more information about the animals. If you are interested in helping our wildlife, you will want to read more here.

Comparing Brain MRIs in less than a second!




Neurosurgery is an incredibly difficult procedure — one where time is critical. Imagine needing to have a surgeon compare brain scans DURING surgery to confirm that a tumor has been completely removed. Researchers at MIT have come up with a deep learning process that will do the brain MRI comparisons in less than a second! Now that’s using their heads! Read more about it here.

Knee-deep carcasses of insects


Science News

Science News

Bulldozers were needed to remove all the dead bugs! Though officials were glad that the Mayflies meant the river was healthy, they were concerned about the swarms causing accidents on the bridge. Mayflies were swarming up onto the bridge over the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania because they were confused by the lighting on the bridge. Researchers are trying to determine a solution to this problem. Read more about it here.

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