What a beautiful car! Can you believe it is computer rendered? It is the latest of what Nvidia, the company that powers many of the powerful AI systems, just revealed. Check out this, soft robots from Harvard, and other cool tech news here and more on our website @ TechNews4Kids.

Robots and Racecars!



Technology is literally improving and changing at the speed of light! It looks so real! You can read about how moviemakers are surprisingly shocked at how quickly their computer programs are advancing to make the rendering of video faster and more realistic! Read more and watch videos here.

Peacock Spider Robot!

The Harvard Gazette

The Harvard Gazette

Learn about a tiny soft robot that was inspired by the millimeter-sized colorful Australian Peacock spider using a single elastic material with body-shaping, motion, and color features. How can this help advance medical practices? Read more about it here.

Watermelon or Chocolate?

KQED MindShift

KQED MindShift

They are both enjoyable! That is the argument for reading online vs. a paper book and how it affects young people’s brains. It’s all about the choice and making sure that young minds are given the chance to develop the depth of reading early. Check out more here.

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