Part of the US was colder than North Pole recently, partially “thanks” to the wind. When it comes to wind chill, what is it exactly? Also, humans are smart, but when it comes to group decisions, we can learn a lot from our little friends — bees. Also in this newsletter, find out why US is in trouble when China decides to stop taking trash. That and more in this week’s Tech News 4 Kids newsletter! Join our classes to learn all about these amazing technologies — artificial intelligence, coding, and more.

What Bees Can Teach Us About Collective Intelligence

(The Conversation)

Shutterstock, CC BY

Shutterstock, CC BY

Group mentality can make or break us. However, it’s been discovered that bees have been wading through collective intelligence with grace and flexibility. What can we learn from them? Find out here!

What’s Wind Got to do With it?


Chicago on a cold and windy day (alin_savu / iStock)

Chicago on a cold and windy day (alin_savu / iStock)

Wind chill. It’s a very real, very cold thing. And plenty of people caught in the United States’ polar vortex can attest to this. While it doesn’t affect the actual temperature in the air, it does affect the temperature in your body. But what does this mean? Find out how it works here!

Recycling Isn’t What You Imagined

(The Conversation)

The Conversation

The Conversation

We all try so hard to reduce waste, but is the way we’re recycling the answer? China recently banned the import of 24 categories of recyclable materials, many of which are used daily by consumers. This decision has shocked the world and is making everyone reconsider garbage and recycling. Find out their implementing plans here!

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