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Hopefully you all know by now that, at Create & Learn, we are very passionate about bringing the next generation of Computer Science education to students, grades K-9. SXSW EDU is a premier education conference. We are proposing a session that that will help more parents and educators understand the importance of learning these subjects and how they can teach it too! Watch the video below and help bring AI & Data Science to more students by voting for our SXSW EDU 2020 session proposal!

The Evolution of Listening to Music

(News For Kids)

Photo by Alan Light [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons.

Sony changed how we listen to music in July of 1979 when they released the “Walkman.” If you don’t remember (or maybe it was before your time), this was this very first introduction to headphones attached to something you could take on a “walk” with you. Obviously, this idea really took off, and is definitely the norm now. But how did this one invention kickstart how we listen to music now? Read all about it here!

The First “Robobee” Takes Flight!

(The Harvard Gazette)

Harvard Microrobotics Lab/Harvard SEAS

Harvard researchers have been working hard to have bee-sized robots take successful untethered flights, and it looks like that’s finally happened. Their “Robobee” took flight earlier this year, and it was even caught on video! But what does this mean for the future of tiny robots? And what could they be used for? Find out all about it, and watch the fascinating video, here!

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