The Minecraft Generation & The Secret of Resilience

Do your children play computer games? How about let them learn STEM through games? This month we introduced the latest addition to our curriculum — Minecraft Code to Mod, where your children can learn coding using the game they love.

The Minecraft Generation article included in this newsletter shares thoughtful insights on how the Minecraft game is a great learning tool. Another article we have included is on demystifying resilience, one of the key factors to success, and how to develop resilience. Last but not the least, we have a great article on how to help girls develop the right mindset and pursue a career in science, technology, and engineering.

The Minecraft Generation

Every kid loves computer games. Do you feel annoyed when they play computer games? What if the game helps them learn? Sounds great, right? Minecraft is such a game, “an almost perfect game for our current educational moment”. It increases kids’ interests in the “STEM” disciplines — science, technology, engineering, and math. This article gives a comprehensive view of Minecraft.

The Secrets of Resilience

“Does early hardship in life keep children from becoming successful adults?” Social scientists found a surprising pattern among those whose early lives included tough times. It turned out many successful people draw strength from hardship. Their struggle against it was key to their later success. It also sheds some lights on how we can grow our resilience. Check out the article for details.

How to Encourage More Girls to Pursue Science and Math Careers

This article gives valuable suggestions on how to encourage girls to pursue STEM careers. Gender gap e.g. in engineering, is not the result of differences in intellectual ability, but because of negative stereotypes. We can’t agree more. It’s very important for parents and educators to influence the belief of girls, teach them the right mindset, and give them more opportunities.

Our Minecraft Coding Class Is Launched!

Checkout our new Minecraft class. Code games, stories, and cool buildings. Learn coding and let your kids’ creativity shine!