3, 2, 1… blastoff!

We are excited to announce a new program — TechNews4Kids — a curated set of the kid-friendly STEM news articles. Here you will find the coolest things to get your kids excited about STEM

At Create & Learn, we teach kids STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) especially latest technologies, providing topics and skills that are severely lacking in regular school curriculum. More importantly, we want to encourage children’s natural curiosity about how the world works by teaching real-world applications while developing their creativity and critical thinking skills.

We found that real world technologies and their applications excite and inspire kids the most. However, kid-friendly materials on the latest in science and engineering are difficult to find. Our goal with this new program is to provide parents and teachers an easy way to learn the latest science and technology developments and find articles that they are can share with their kids/students. For students who have taken our classes, this is also a great way to continue to deepen their knowledge and explore different STEM areas.

The articles featured in TechNews4Kids are shared by teachers from top schools and industry domain experts. They cover a broad range of topics, such as programming, data science, artificial intelligence, life science, and engineering. Our curriculum team categorizes them by age levels (from grade 1 to grade 10+) and by subject areas so it is easy for you to find the topics you are looking for.

We will be updating the news daily on our website. Subscribe here if you would like to receive a fresh set of TechNews4Kids in your email every week.


The Create & Learn Team