Are you looking for a fun and educational way to engage your young Swifties? Discover some of the best Taylor Swift online classes for kids! These unique courses combine the infectious charm of Taylor Swift's music with enriching educational content, ranging from coding and piano lessons, to song analysis, fashion design, and global geography. Each class is designed to spark creativity, boost skills, and broaden horizons, all while immersed in the themes of one of pop's biggest icons.

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Explore how these classes not only entertain but also inspire young minds through the power of music and learning.

1. Art & Coding Adventures for Swifties

Does your child adore Taylor Swift and dream of crafting their own games and artwork? This unique course from award-winning kids platform Create & Learn is the perfect playground for Swifties in graded 4-9! They’ll start by using Scratch to design exciting games like lyric quizzes and virtual adventures, helping Taylor navigate to her concerts. Ideal for kids with some Scratch experience (start with a free Scratch class), this part pumps up their coding skills with a Swift twist! Next up, students dive into digital design with Canva, creating dazzling Taylor-themed album covers and concert posters. No prior Canva skills? No problem! The grand finale is a capstone project that marries their new coding and art skills, styling Taylor for her next big show. Join along for a creative journey where music, technology, and art collide, celebrating Taylor Swift's influence and your child’s creativity!

New to coding? Get started here:

2. Taylor Swift Poetry, Song, and Literary Analysis

Embark on a lyrical journey with this Outschool Taylor Swift class designed for students aged 12-17. This live online course dives into the artistry behind Taylor Swift's music, exploring the poetic devices, metaphors, and storytelling techniques that make her songs resonate worldwide. Each week focuses on a different Swift song, allowing students to delve into her narrative depth and lyrical evolution from country to pop and indie-folk. This engaging class is perfect for young Swifties eager to understand the literary craftsmanship in popular music, enhancing their analytical skills in a fun, interactive environment​.

3. Taylor Swift Fashion Design Camp

Ideal for littles ages 5-9, this live online class will immerse your child in the world of fashion, where young Swifties transform their admiration for Taylor Swift into stylish creations! This exciting camp combines fashion design with the flair of Taylor Swift’s iconic looks. Participants will indulge in creative workshops, designing everything from album covers to crafting lyrics, and even participate in a fashion show. Ideal for children who love music and expressing themselves through art, this camp not only celebrates Taylor Swift's influence but also fosters creativity and confidence in young designers. Dive into a week of fashion, fun, and Swift-inspired activities that are perfect for any young fan looking to explore the world of fashion design.

4. Taylor Swift Piano Beginner Crash Course 1

Let your child hit the right notes with Taylor Swift's melodies this fun four-day camp! Perfect for ages 8-13, this camp introduces newbies to the basics of piano playing through the catchy tunes of Taylor Swift. No prior musical skills? No worries! Your child will learn to identify piano keys, understand rhythm notation, and play songs like "Love Story" and "Karma" right from the start. Elizabeth, a seasoned teacher with over two decades of experience, makes learning piano fun and engaging, using methods that emphasize repetition and supportive learning environments. This class not only sparks musical interest but also boosts confidence in young pianists as they embark on their musical journey​.

5. World Geography With Taylor Swift and the Eras Tour 5 Day Camp

Unleash your child's inner Swiftie and globe-trotter! This imaginative and educational camp blends the allure of Taylor Swift's international Eras tour with engaging geography lessons. Over five days, young learners aged 8-13 will explore cities from Sydney to Paris, learning about landmarks, local foods, and languages while diving into the culture of each tour stop. Led by the well-traveled and experienced educator Stacey Jay, this camp offers a unique approach to learning geography through the lens of pop culture, making it an exciting and enriching experience for any Taylor Swift fan​.

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There's even a class at Harvard! Harvard’s new English class “Taylor Swift and Her World” is the brainchild of Professor Stephanie Burt — a Harvard and Yale alum, literary critic, poet, writer … and massive Swiftie.

These Taylor Swift courses for kids offer more than just fun—they provide a platform for young learners to develop new skills and express their creativity through the lens of Taylor Swift's influential artistry. From mastering the piano to navigating the globe, each class is crafted to enhance learning with a touch of star power, ensuring that education is both engaging and exciting. These classes are perfect for parents looking to enrich their children's lives with music, art, and culture, all inspired by one of the most beloved musicians of our time. So why not let your child's love for Taylor Swift guide them on a unique educational journey that's as entertaining as it is informative?