Do you want your child to excel in math? How do you do that when school is not fully operating?

We are very excited to invite two top math education experts in this Special Event for Parents: How to Help Your Child Excel in Math to share their insights.

Special Event for Parents: How to Help Your Child Excel in Math

Dr Fong is a leading expert on Singapore Math. His textbooks are used in 80% of primary schools in Singapore and are adapted to the math curriculum in the US and UK. Jie Li’s students have won many competitions like the US National Math Competition (2nd place this year) and USA Mathematical Olympiad (USAMO). Join this great event to learn about their inspiring math learning methods, and also great tools and books to help your child learn math faster and deeper in this special time.

Aug 18th (Tuesday) 4:30pm Pacific Time / 7:30pm Eastern Time

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And there are more!

Both Dr. Fong and Jie Li will be hosting special online classes for students at Create & Learn this fall.

Mastering Math and Problem Solving Skills (Grades 1-3)

Dr Fong’s BrainBuilder program follows the USA Common Core Maths curriculum, the Math in Focus (MIF) book series, of which Dr Fong is the Consultant and Principal Author. This math program builds math skills (with Singapore Maths Methods) towards the mastery of computational and problem solving skills.

Visit the program page for details (up to $40 off if sign up by Aug 25th, cancel anytime)

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Accelerated Math Through Problem Solving (Grades 4-6)

Jie Lie’s STEM Academy has been serving students who are inspired to excel in STEM in San Francisco Silicon Valley since 2013. This math class goes beyond what's taught in grade levels to set your child on a path of accelerated math learning. This will prepare them to be ready for major math competitions in middle school and high school.

Visit the program page for details (receive 12% off if sign up by Aug. 25th, cancel anytime)

We look forward to seeing you all in the classes!


The Create & Learn Team