See How Drones Are Helping People in Need of Critical Medical Supplies

Just past Neptune is a minor planet that’s been known by humans for over a decade, and scientists have finally decided to name it — but they asked the public for some help to do so. In another part of space, Saturn’s moon, Titan, was found to have deep lakes! What does this mean? Back on Earth, Ghana has been using drones to deliver important medical supplies, does this change how we all might be delivering sensitive products in the future? Find out in this week’s Tech News 4 Kids newsletter! Join our classes to learn all about the latest technologies — coding, artificial intelligence, and more.

Is Gonggong the Best Name for a Minor Planet?

(The New York Times)

Alex H. Parker

What do you call a minor planet, about half the size of Pluto, that’s in the far reaches of the solar system? Astronomers didn’t know, either! After deciding that 2007 OR10 wasn’t the best name, they narrowed the choices down to three options, but asked the public to decide which one was best. Find out more about this minor planet and the names the public voted for here!

We’re Learning More About Saturn’s Moon, Titan

(MIT Technology Review)

NASA researchers have been exploring Titan for some time now, hoping to glean new information about Saturn’s largest moon. Deep methane-filled lakes were found thanks to NASA’s Cassini-probe. Learn more about what these findings mean and the amazing technology used to discover it here!

Drones, Ziplines & Medical Supplies: How Ghana Delivering Medicine

(News For Kids)

Source: Zipline.

Drones aren’t just for fun aerial shots now. Ghana and Rwanda have been using them to deliver important medical supplies in a push to help those that don’t live near the hospital or city-center. It’s relatively new, and the process is fascinating! Maybe this will catch on in the United States? Find out what Ghana is doing to assist those in rural areas using drones here.

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