Rockets, Robots and Laser beams are the topics that will grab anyone’s attention, especially young people! Are your kids or students interested in science? Check out the articles below that we are highlighting this week on our website @ TechNews4Kids. Who knows? Your kids may be inspired to learn more about careers that allow them to build or work with these kinds of cutting edge and innovative technologies!

Astronauts survived!

(Quartz ~

Quartz —

Quartz —

Do your kids dream of becoming astronauts or of traveling into outer space? Space travel is amazingly complex and dangerous. Whenever a rocket is about to be launched all the equipment is prepared, tested, and includes, thankfully, an escape plan in case of an emergency. Recently, two astronauts were parachuted to safety after their rocket determined a malfunction and automatically ejected them. It’s a miracle of modern engineering that they survived! Read more about it here.

Life size Robot running and jumping

(Boston Dynamics ~ YouTube)

Boston Dynamics ~ YouTube

Boston Dynamics ~ YouTube

Watch this 30 second video with your kids. You will think you are simply watching the special effects of a movie like Star Wars. Yet, this is real! Talk to your kids about how Boston Dynamics has developed these amazing robots to run and jump like people, using “computer vision” to determine the terrain and how to move it’s legs. This may inspire your kids to want to learn more about mechanical design, computer programming or artificial intelligence. Check it out here.

There’s a City under that Jungle!


Scientists have uncovered a huge ancient Mayan city underneath a jungle in Guatemala using laser-beams. Planes flew over the jungles and using lasers, were able to create a topographic map with incredible details. Talk to your kids about how this is like bats using echolocation! In fact, this technology, called lidar, is also being installed on self-driving cars to help them avoid crashing. Read more about it here.

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