Today there are many online educational platforms that can help children learn from home. You might be considering a handful of programs, for example: Outschool vs Varsity Tutors, two of the most widely recognized and utilized companies for live online classes for kids K-12. So we've created a handy comparison guide to help you find the best option for your unique child.

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Explore the Differences Between Outschool and Varsity Tutors

Discover the key differences and benefits of each learning platform to help you make the best decision for your child.

What’s Outschool?

Outschool was formed in 2015, and began as a mecca for supplemental learning for the homeschool community. It grew in popularity with children used to conventional schooling due to the pandemic. Outschool doesn’t design their own curriculum, rather the company provides a platform that empowers teachers to offer classes of their own, in everything from algebra to taking charge of your mental health. As a result, Outschool is a great way to explore a large variety of classes and interests at a low price point.

  • Types of classes: Live online
  • Number of students in class: Ages 6 and under 6 students, ages 6-12 9 students, ages 12+ up to 18 students, 1x1 tutoring is also available
  • Teachers’ experience: A wide range: Students in universities to teachers with experience teaching virtually and in conventional school settings. According to Outschool, all teachers must pass a rigorous application process, however Outschool does not require formal teaching credentials.
  • Subjects taught: Math, English, science, arts and crafts, life skills, and more
  • Pricing: Classes start as low as $15. Though the average is $18 per class session, and a 10-week semester long course can range anywhere from $100-$600.

Outschool Review: "Making the best of Outschool opportunities: I think it's important to take time to read reviews before choosing a class. I also think it is best to use this resource to supplement what a student is already interested in. For instance, my daughter is learning Spanish, and learning to read music. She also loves to read all kinds of literature. Considering this, I chose a group Spanish class, a music theory class, and the Newberry prize challenge book club. These groups enrich her learning experience and provide an environment where she can use her social skills to engage in topics of interest to her. I'm so grateful for the opportunities Outschool provides. Thank you." said parent April Fondren.

What’s Varsity Tutors?

Varsity Tutors, an alternative to Outschool, was founded in 2007 by CEO and president Chuck Cohn who cites access to tutoring as the key to his success throughout school, and his driving motivation being to connect everyone with the help they need anywhere, anytime. As a tutoring company they specialize not only in classes, but also in test prep for many types of standardized tests for all ages including the PSAT, SAT, and ACT. Varsity Tutors say they have a 100% instructor satisfaction guarantee, which means that you can work with as many tutors as needed until you find the best fit for your child. Their satisfaction guarantee does not entitle you to a refund for prepaid hours that you don’t use.

  • Types of classes: Live online
  • Number of students in class: 1x1 tutoring
  • Teachers’ experience: A wide range: Students in universities to teachers with 10+ years of experience teaching virtually and in conventional school settings. Teachers must pass a rigorous six step review process.
  • Subjects taught: Over 3,000 subjects starting with pre-k through continuing adult education - algebra, biology, geometry, chemistry, calculus, French, Spanish, and more
  • Pricing: Membership plans start at $269 per month, or individual pricing on a case by case basis

Varsity Tutors Review: "Great tutor, not great corp comms. Our tutor is great, and gives my child lots of fun while learning! Communication with Varsity is not so great, though. I get calls from them trying to sell me more tutoring, but NOT when they are planning to "expire" my sessions--even when we are actively using and scheduling them. The portal can also be glitchy but seems to have some good features." said parent Mariah.

Alternatives to Outschool vs. Varsity Tutors

Beyond Outschool and Varsity Tutors, there are many great online programs. One such example is Create & Learn. The best way to learn STEM is in a live small group with a highly qualified and passionate instructor. Create & Learn is an online education platform founded by Silicon Valley veterans where any student can get hands-on experience with today’s most cutting edge technologies. There are courses for all ages, levels, and interests - everything from drag-and-drop game programming and Minecraft modding, to mobile apps, robotics, graphic design, and data science. Many courses have free introduction sessions to try. There’s truly something for everyone from preschool to pre-college!

What’s Create & Learn?

Create & Learn was founded by Jessie Jiang and Yuanzong Qiu in 2017 after Jessie decided to teach her daughter coding herself. As a mom, Jessie realized the lack of quality in computer science education classes in the United States, and set out to create the highest quality computer science education classes for children. With an emphasis on integrating critical thinking and creative problem solving skills in every class, Create & Learn offers 35+ live online courses. The curriculum, designed by experts from Google, Apple, Stanford,, and MIT, provides a thorough way to facilitate your child’s skills from beginner to advanced while pursuing their unique interest.

  • Types of classes: Live online
  • Number of students in class: Up to 5, 1x1 tutoring is also available
  • Teachers’ experience: All teachers are US-based, background checked, and highly trained with 3+ years of experience in their fields.
  • Subjects taught: Computer science classes, including one of a kind courses in robotics, artificial intelligence, data science, beginner-friendly Scratch, Minecraft engineering, Roblox coding, mobile app coding, website design and development, AP Exam classes and more
  • Pricing: Many free or $15 trial classes. Pricing for most classes $23 per session.

Create & Learn Review: "We are super happy with every aspect of Create & Learn. My daughter was able to take 2 intro classes to see if she likes the topics and content (she loved both and the teachers!) She is taking Scratch Ninja and we are looking at more classes. The instructor is a wonderful teacher. More than that, the personal feedback and attention for the students and parents, the immediate response to questions and advice is amazing. Truly recommending Create & Learn." said parent Natalie F.

Now you know all about Outschool vs. Varsity Tutors

Hopefully between the specializations and differences each platform has to offer you are able to find the perfect fit for what your child needs. We wish your child success in their educational pursuits!

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