This would apply to many things in our amazing world, but this week, we are referring to a few interesting happenings: one is man-made, one is a natural occurrence, and one is computer generated.

Temporary Art?!
If you are really into art, then you may have heard about the unusual and temporary art works by the artist named Christo. You never know what he is going to create next! Check it out in this article:

Christo Builds Huge Floating Art Work
_Christo is an artist famous for creating huge works of art that only last for a short time. Now he has used 7,506…

Lunar Eclipse Coming!
The one on July 27th has come and gone, but if outer space is your “jam” then read the following article about lunar eclipses so you’ll be ready for the one in January 2019 — you won’t want to miss it!

The Countdown To 21st Century's Longest Total Lunar Eclipse Has Begun!
_Stargazers, get ready to witness the longest total lunar eclipse of the 21st Century. On July 27, our moon will…

Who Can You Trust?
Fake news! It’s for real! You won’t be sure you can believe your eyes with this computerized video editing program. Who can you trust? Check it out here:

A new algorithm's 'astonishingly realistic' video forgeries could take fake news to the next level
_"The camera never lies" is a thing of the past. A new computer program can manipulate a video such that the person…

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