There’s more than just earning camping or philanthropic badges, Girl Scouts are looking to expand what it means to be a Scout. In Maryland, more than 30 members of the local troops built miniature roller coasters to earn their Engineering badges. In science news, the periodic table turns 150, while chimpanzees are facing an unfortunate cultural crisis. Find out in this week’s Tech News 4 Kids newsletter! Join our classes to learn all about the latest technologies — coding, artificial intelligence, and more.

Girl Scouts in Maryland Earn Engineering Badges

(Johns Hopkins Magazine)

Johns Hopkins Magazine

Johns Hopkins Magazine

It’s not just about earning Brownie Wings anymore. Over 30 members from troops all across Central Maryland built miniature roller coasters from everyday items to earn their Engineering Badges! Alongside Johns Hopkins Engineering students, the Scouts were able to get real-life experience in a fun and interactive way. Find out all about what they learned, and what’s next for these Girl Scouts, here!

Happy 150th Birthday to the Periodic Table!




Remember seeing these in your high school chemistry classroom? Well, the Periodic Table just turned 150! More than that, 2019 has been designated the “international year of the periodic table of chemical elements” by the United Nations. Learn all about the man, Dmitri Mendeleev, who created this table, and how it has changed science for the world as a whole here!

Why Are Chimpanzees Facing a Cultural Crisis?

(The Conversation)

Ari Wid / shutterstock

Ari Wid / shutterstock

About a half-century ago, it was discovered that monkeys used tools in everyday life (especially to eat). However, when it comes to culture, chimpanzees have always been the main focus. With changing times and the addition of more and more humans in areas where chimpanzees live, their culture has been suffering from a collapse. Find out more about this unfortunate collapse and how it happened here.

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