Artificial Intelligence has been shaking up the way we interact with technology in unexpected ways. For instance, can a robot dog really be trained by it? Or, can it really track illegal elephant poachers at record speeds or create high-end sneakers using image recognition? We explore AI in this week’s Tech News 4 Kids newsletter! Join our classes to learn all about these amazing technologies — artificial intelligence, coding, and more.

Who’s a Good Boy?

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ANYmal | Robotic Systems Lab

ANYmal | Robotic Systems Lab

ANYmal (pronounced “animal”) is a Swiss-made robotic dog. In the world where self-driving cars are becoming a reality, why not create a robotic dog that functions under a similar simulation? AI-trained ANYmal operates with such efficiency that training it to get back up after falling is much more successful as a result. Learn all about the great things this robotic canine can do thanks to AI here!

The Elephant in the Room




Illegal elephant poaching is a problem that seemed nearly unsolvable, until now. TrailGuard is a new artificial intelligence-equipped camera that uses facial and object recognition to spot potential poachers. Find out how this might help rangers and conservationists alike here!

Walk a Mile in Their Shoes




GOAT is a Culver City, CA-based startup that makes shoes, but not just any shoes. They use AI image recognition software to make famous kicks such as Nike Air Jordans and Kanye West Adidas Yeezys, some of the most expensive shoes on the market. See how they make this happen here!

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