With climate change seemingly at the center of the conversation these days, more sustainable ways of doing things are increasingly appealing. The creation of transparent wood just might be what our buildings need to be more energy-efficient. Scientists are also researching flatworms and their amazing regenerative qualities — is this something that we might be able to harness? And when it comes to space, NASA’s Hubble is showing us just how swiftly our universe is expanding. Learn all about it in this week’s Tech News 4 Kids newsletter! Join our classes to learn all about the latest technologies — coding, artificial intelligence, and more.

Into the Wood: Our Green Energy Answer?


American Chemical Society

Swedish researchers, fascinated by humans’ use of wood to create homes throughout history, decided to see if there were ways to harness it for green energy. They came up with a way to modify the wood to make it transparent, and possibly more sustainable than the glass we use as windows. It just might be the future! Learn all about the technology they are using to test the wood here.

The Regenerative Powers of Flatworms Explored

(Stanford News)

Sinhya / Getty Images

Flatworms have the amazing ability to regenerate their entire body from just a sliver of themselves. Despite many tests and theories, harnessing this unique and mysterious tool has been incredibly difficult, until now. Someone on the bioengineering team might’ve found how we can use this ability to help humans regenerate their own cells, but how? Find out more here!

The Universe is Expanding


NASA’s space telescope Hubble has shown scientists that the universe is expanding at a much more rapid rate than anticipated. This means that there might need to be new physics created in order to accurately understand what is happening, and how fast. Learn more about the amazing science behind it here!

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